Train Workers Discover $10K Mysteriously Hidden in Sandbox, Hand Over the Money to Police

If anyone in the Oregon area happened to lose $10,000 in cash on a MAX train, you are in luck as it has been recovered by the police. A team of rail service workers found the huge stack of bills stuffed under a seat while they were working on a train in Beaverton during the graveyard shift on May 9.

"I was shocked to find it was the real deal, a wad of cash," one of the workers said, according to a TriMet blog post.

The $10,000 was discovered by five members of TriMet service's sanding team, who check boxes which are stored underneath the train's seats to make sure they are filled with sand for the upcoming week. The sand is used to give the train's wheels more traction.

After discovering the money, the team held up the stacks of cash to the train's surveillance camera to document what they had found. "It didn't look like it was that much, but when we were counting it out it was like, 'oh wow' that's really $10,000," the team's supervisor said. "It was mind-blowing."

Other workers described their shock that someone would leave the money in such a risky place.

"I cannot believe someone would ditch money on a train," a service worker said. "Those trains go from Gresham, through Portland to Beaverton and Hillsboro, and then back again. It seems like that's a bad idea. Anyone could have found it."

TriMet confirmed that the money was not sent to the lost and found due to its value and the fact it was clearly placed in the seats to be hidden. The money was eventually handed over to police and an investigation to find the owner was launched.

"So, if you're missing $10,000 that you left behind on a MAX train, contact Beaverton Police. However, you may have some explaining to do," TriMet added in a statement.

Officer Jeremy Shaw, public information officer for the Beaverton Police Department, told Willamette Week that officers have not been able to find whoever left the money or where it came from.

"We're kind of hoping the release from TriMet will spur whoever owns it to come forward and identify themselves," Shaw said. "[But] you don't just misplace $10,000 in the seat of a MAX train. The possibility exists that it has something to do with criminal activity. If that's the case I highly doubt anyone will step forward."

The $10,000 was found stuffed under a seat on a MAX train in Beaverton, Oregon. TriMet