'Transhood' Documentary Prompts HBO Boycott Calls From Conservatives

A new HBO documentary was championed for its representation of transgender youth in reviews, but not everyone is happy about it. On Monday, some Twitter users called for TV lovers to boycott HBO for showing Transhood, stating it showed parents "brainwashing" their children to become transgender.

The film follows four children who identify as transgender. Filmed over five years, each of the four children grows in their identity as they face conflicts with family and how American culture defines gender.

Matt Walsh, host of The Matt Walsh Show podcast, spearheaded the conversation on Twitter. Walsh is a notably conservative commentator, who often dives into cultural topics and politics. "A mother puts her 4 year old [sic] son in a dress and reads him LGBT propaganda," Walsh tweeted on Monday. "You're literally watching her brainwash the child into thinking he's a girl. It's no mystery how children end up 'trans.' This is it. Right here."

Leena Transhood
Leena is one of four kids featured in HBO's documentary "Transhood." HBO

This is from HBO's "Transhood" documentary. A mother puts her 4 year old son in a dress and reads him LGBT propaganda. You're literally watching her brainwash the child into thinking he's a girl. It's no mystery how children end up "trans." This is it. Right here. #BoycottHBO pic.twitter.com/WCVb0BpkYi

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) November 23, 2020

In the tweet, Walsh added the hashtag #BoycottHBO, and some other Twitter users followed. Many of those who retweeted Walsh's point mentioned the bible or a personal belief.

The transing of children is the most indefensible thing I can imagine. Those who promote it cannot defend it. They know they can’t. So they rely on you to keep silent. Don’t. #BoycottHBO

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) November 23, 2020

Creepy stuff https://t.co/VxymZSUzPA

— Cerno (@Cernovich) November 23, 2020

This is sickening. Children should not be subjected to this crap at such a young and impressionable age. Get this sweet BOY a counselor! #boycotthbo https://t.co/FzSZbysGcl

— Sarah Woodard (@woodard_sarah) November 23, 2020

Such a horrific video, transing children is a crime and people involved in this should be held accountable for their actions. #BoycottHBO.... https://t.co/z68qJjJpzr

— Alex (@johnbongoi) November 23, 2020

#HBO brainwashing parents and children. This is a sick form of child abuse. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #BoycottHBO #StopBrainwashingOurKids #ChildAbuse https://t.co/m9OXvR6lbw

— Michelle (@FreedomBell6) November 23, 2020

#BoycottHBO what is up with streaming services and sexualizing children this year? I was excited for the snyder cut but I cannot support you

— Philip is ready for thanksgiving, gobble gobble (@TechPhilip) November 23, 2020

A few compared Transhood to the widely controversial film Cuties, a fictional French film that was uploaded to Netflix this year. The film was slammed by viewers who claimed it sexualized the underage girls in the film. The idea of sexualizing children was thrown around by those opposing Transhood, too.

Another side chimed in with support for the Transgender youth in the film and everywhere else. One claimed not allowing a child to embrace the gender they identify with would be considered abusive.

If you don’t allow your child to transition to the gender they want to be you should lose parental rights. It is empirically child abuse. #BoycottHBO #hbo https://t.co/jafKc1n61a

— Lefthandedlunatic 🍋 (@Lefthandedluni) November 23, 2020

Some of the opposition to the film appears to be reflected in Transhood's Rotten Tomatoes score. Critics gave the film 83 percent approval while audience reviews only have the film with a 17 percent standing.

Reviews surrounding the film appeared as early as summer 2020 after Transhood aired at AFI Docs Festival in June. It was then released on HBO Max on November 12, causing the recent outcry from conservative viewers.

A review from Variety claims the documentary film is "empathetic,' in a headline. "While wholly sympathetic to the cause, Transhood isn't just a work of blandly cheery activism: [Director Sharon] Liese frankly observes the practical obstacles and psychological swings endured by its four young subjects and their families, sometimes to upsetting effect," the publication explained.

Transhood is available to stream now with an HBO subscription.