The World's Most Beautiful Subway Stations

The World's Most Beautiful Subway Stations Getty

The Moscow Metro opened in 1935. Built mainly by hand, the stations resemble palaces more than transit depots. They articulated, through architecture, the Soviet creed that the worker, not the tsar, reigned supreme.

Of course, Russia is not alone in beautiful subway stations: London, Toronto, New York, Paris, Kiev and other cities have stations that are destinations in their own right.

Click through this gallery and allow Newsweek to transport you to 50 of the most beautiful subways stations around the world.

02 Kaohsiung
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03 Taiwan Central Park Station taiwan
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04 Moscow Elektrozavodskaya
Grigory Dukor/Reuters
06 Prague malostranska
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07 Madrid Atocha
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08 Paris Arts
Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters
09 Stockholm Solna
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10 Stockholm Centralen
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