Trapped Kittens 'Screaming' From Storm Drain Rescued in Mississippi

A woman in Gluckstadt, Mississippi recently heard a strange noise "down deep in the storm sewer" while walking her dog.

While that may sound like a setup for something spooky, what was actually found down there was nothing short of adorable. Inside the storm drain were two tiny, trapped kittens that since have been rescued.

The woman who heard the kitten crying reportedly contacted the organization for which she fosters, the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi, and they quickly arrived at the scene.

In a Wednesday post on its Facebook page, the Animal Rescue Fund said that two rescuers, Tracie and Pippa, arrived that day "loaded up with gloves, [a] crowbar, food, towels and any other items we thought would come in handy."

Kittens Found in Storm Drain
The Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi posted pictures of the rescued kittens on Facebook. Animal Rescue Fund of MS/Facebook

However, they forgot one potentially important item.

"What we didn't think of was a ladder!" they wrote. Apparently, the storm drain they encountered in Gluckstadt was particularly deep and proposed a challenge to the two rescuers.

"We got to the designated location, pulled back the manhole cover, and had a huge let down," they wrote.

They added that they were surprised to find not one, but two kittens in the drain.

"This storm drain is about 12 feet below street level and there were TWO kittens, not one. It is just that one was very vocal," they explained. "He was MAD, cold, wet and HUNGRY!"

Realizing they needed a ladder to retrieve the kittens, Tracie and Pippa knocked on doors in the neighborhood until they found one. Only problem? It was too wide to fit into the storm sewer's opening.

"Off we go again, knocking on doors, found a home with an extension ladder and praise all goodness in the world, it fit in the hole and was exactly the height needed to get into and OUT of the hole," they said.

With that problem solved, Pippa embarked on the long climb down to the kittens—but as she approached, one of them fled. According to the post, the kitten fell "right off the storm drain culvert and went plop into the water and ran down the drain to the east.

"Several choice words were expelled, and wringing of hands commenced, and eventually Pippa decided to go down the tube towards the kitten."

However, the story has a happy ending: "Fortunately, the kitten had a change of heart (big sigh) and came back...[and the] kitten was nabbed and carried up the ladder to safety."

Heart-melting photos from the scene show the baby kittens huddled together at the bottom of the storm drain and nestled safely in the hands of rescuers. According to the Facebook post, after their ordeal, the cats were "given flea meds, wormer, food, dry bedding, and then they took a much deserved nap."