Travel: Beaches of Latin America

Some of the world's best beaches are on the islands of Latin America. THE GOOD LIFE would have gladly spent the rest of the winter checking them out.

Brazil: Sanchos, on Fernando de Noronha, is the island's most perfect beach: languorous, sensual and golden.

Venezuela: Los Roques, an idyllic cluster of coral islands, is ideal for lazing, snorkeling and fishing for the elusive bonefish.

Nicaragua: San Juan del Sur is a laid-back beach town with rustic seafood restaurants and watering holes.

Ecuador: The Pacific coast around Machalilla National Park has tropical forests teeming with wildlife, and coral reefs at Los Frailes beach.

Honduras: A diver's mecca, the Bay Islands lie beside the world's second largest barrier reef. You'll never want to come up for air.