Travel: Flying Tots

Taking a toddler on a trans-Atlantic flight? It's enough to make both Mommy and Baby weep. But skip the Benadryl. Just plan ahead:

CARRY-ONS: Along with necessities, take a few sets of clothes for your kid and an extra shirt for you. And buy a collapsible stroller that fits in overhead bins. International gates can be miles from baggage claim, so never be without wheels.

SEATS: Don't book in the first row. Yes, there's more legroom, but there's no place to stow carry-ons. And don't be cheap. Buy your toddler her own seat.

TOYS: Surprise kids with new toys--like coloring books--but don't forget comforting old favorites. (Gift-wrapping little toys adds to the fun and keeps small pieces together.) Also, enjoy the free "toys" onboard, like toothbrushes and sleep masks.

FOOD: Don't ask for a kid's meal. The grown-up fare is almost always healthier.