Greater Great Britain

Thanks to a weakening pound against the dollar and the euro, tourism in the UK is booming. With record numbers of international visitors to Britain each year, it's best to focus your holiday on mostly off the radar destinations.
Greater Great Britain Winston Ross for Newsweek

Planning a last-minute getaway to London this summer? Unless money is no object, you may want to call an audible. A post-Brexit decline in the pound against the dollar and the euro are nudging international tourism into record highs this year, and hotel rates are responding. London's hotels are packed in the summer months (because the city is shrouded in fog and drizzle for much of the remainder of the year) and hotels that normally go for $100 a night will run you quadruple that if you book in July.

Plus, there's much more to Great Britain than The Big Smoke. So here's a better idea: blast in and out of London, and spend your time exploring the many unsung corners of the island. Rent a car (or a motorcycle) and hit the road, for a short jaunt south to Sussex or a longer sojourn north to the Cotswolds, Birmingham, Wales and the UK's crown jewel: Scotland's Isle of Skye.

Here are the best places to stop along the way.

Save London for later and hop a southbound train to historic Sussex to start your British holiday. Prince Harry's new dukedom has nearly 100 miles of coastline and more sunny days than its inland counterparts. Settle into the county’s bucolic charm with afternoon tea at beautiful Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa in West Sussex. With the hotel’s verdant gardens, cozy cottages and private grounds leading straight to the sea, there’s hardly a reason to leave the premises. Winston Ross for Newsweek