Travel: New York Views

Last week the GE Building reopened its 1930s-era observation deck for the first time since 1986. How does it stack up against other landmark views? A comparison.

Empire State Bldg.

350 Fifth Avenue

Elevation: 1,050 feet

Admission: Adults, $16 in advance at Or $14 at the door.

The view: Panoramic, but the lines are torture and the deck is cramped

Statue of Liberty

New York Harbor

Elevation: 145 feet

Admission: Adults, $11.50; book ahead at 1-866-STATUE4

The view: The crown is closed, but the pedestal offers sweeping views of New York Harbor

GE Building

30 Rockefeller Plaza

Elevation: 850 feet

Admission: Adults, $14; book your time at

The view: Central Park and the Empire State Building look spectacular from up here

Riverside Church

490 Riverside Drive

Elevation: 392 feet

Admission: Adults, $10. Call ahead at 212-870-6838.

The view: Its top floor is closed, but the bell tower still offers a great Hudson lookout