Treasure Hunter Finds Fabled Fortune Worth $46,000 Under Family's Floorboards

A Western Massachusetts family is at least $46,000 richer after they hired a treasure hunter to investigate rumors that their house harbored a hidden cache of cash—rumors that turned out to be true.

Keith Wille, who runs a metal detection service based in Groton, Connecticut, called the cash "my most exciting find to date." In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Rediscover Lost, he describes the events leading up to the extraordinary discovery.

A female member of the family reached out to Wille after coming across his website. For decades, according to WFSB, the family had tried to confirm persistent rumors that a box containing thousands of dollars was squirreled away somewhere in the attic, even going so far as to hire carpenters to pull up the floorboards, but they'd never had any success. In a last-ditch attempt to recover the money before they put the property on the market, they hired Wille to poke around.

Within "about an hour," Wille says in the video, he got a hit on his metal detector, which prompted him to "take a look under the floorboards and into the cracks in the corner" with his endoscope camera.

"On my endoscope camera, in this hole right here...I think I see the top of a box," he says. "It looks like the keyhole to a metal box."

stack of bill bricks
Alfred Gescheidt/Getty Images

When they pried up the floorboards, Wille and the family members found the box, which was covered in dust and clearly hadn't been opened in decades. Inside was the famed treasure: $46,000 worth of bills and silver certificates secured in the original bank straps, some of which dated back to the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. But as Wille points out in the video, the contents of the box are likely worth much, much more than $46,000.

"These are not worth face value," he says. "Collectors are going to want these. "

A family member who wished to be identified only as Karen told WFSB that the family has not yet decided what to do with their newfound riches.

"All this story—you believe it's true, you don't know if it's true. I'm just glad it was finally found," she said.

The moral of the story, according to Wille, is that you should take even seemingly improbable family legends seriously.

"If grandpa grew up in the great depression, there are probably tales of hidden silver certificates somewhere in the house. DO NOT disregard these rumors of hidden loot!" he writes in the caption of the video.