"F*** Trident": Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter Account is Hacked

Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves home in north London, Britain December 2, 2015. Corbyn has today restated his opposition to Britain's nuclear weapon system. Reuters/Neil Hall

Britain's left-wing opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn often gets attention for his public pronouncements, but on Sunday his communications took a turn for the bizarre after his Twitter account was apparently hacked.

Among the messages posted—and quickly deleted—to Corbyn's 384,000 followers by an unknown source was a surreal slur against Britain's prime minister: "davey cameron is a pie."

But one message sent by the mysterious invader wasn't far away from Corbyn's own policy position. In a reference to Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent system, which is up for renewal, the account put out a simple two-word proposal: "f*** trident."

On the BBC's Today program on Monday, the real Corbyn—mild mannered and not one for using foul language in public—politely reiterated his opposition to replacing the nuclear weapons system, which consists of four submarines armed with nuclear missiles.

"If we want to live in a nuclear free world we have to recognize that we have to make a contribution to it," said the Labour party leader.

"Renewing Trident, in my view, goes against the fundamental spirit of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty [which Britain signed in 1968] which requires the five declared nuclear weapon states not to renew their weapon systems."

As Britain's parliament prepares to vote on whether the U.K. should replace the Trident system in time for its expiry in the late 2020s, Corbyn's Labour party is reviewing its position. Previously the party has supported renewing the weapon, but Corbyn, a committed anti-nuclear activist for much of his political life, wants to change this.

On Today , Corbyn said he intended for non-parliamentary members of his party—more likely to be anti-Trident than his members of parliament—to have a "big say" in deciding the party's policy on this issue.

He also did not confirm or deny whether he would be attending a February rally against Trident organized by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, of which Corbyn is Vice-President.

Corbyn's remarks follow a reshuffle last week of his top team, in which he gave the main defense policy job to a fellow critic of the UK's nuclear arms capacity.