'Tried to Steal My Dog': Woman Dragged Groomer for 'Seizing' Great Dane

Internet commenters were quick to defend one pregnant dog owner who explained why she called the police on a grooming service she claimed stole her Great Dane.

Detailing her "crazy" experience in a viral Reddit post, Redditor u/putupyourpaws asked members of r/AmITheA**hole if they thought involving law enforcement was necessary, and if she was justified in slamming the dog groomer across social media. Titled, "AITA for ruining a small business after they tried to steal my dog?" the viral post has received more than 13,000 votes and 1,000 comments.

Beginning with the explanation that she is 8-and-a-half months pregnant, u/putupyourpaws said she recently decided to send her two dogs to a new groomer, as their old grooming service was forced to close due to the pandemic. The Redditor added that both of her dogs have had behavioral issues, and said that her Great Dane has trouble around new dogs.

"My GDane loves people and has been around small children before with no issues but he is terrified of other dogs," she wrote. "He has never hurt another dog but he will bark and get fearful if one runs up to him...since he's so big he looks very scary when he's barking."

To ensure that the Great Dane would not cross paths with any other dogs during its grooming appointment, u/putupyourpaws said she booked 30 extra minutes with the new grooming service to allow enough time before a next client arrived. However, when the Redditor's husband went to pick the dogs up from the groomer, the couple was informed that their Great Dane was being taken from them.

"When he went to pick the dogs up she gave him our Corgi but said she was 'seizing' the Dane as he had been aggressive to one of her dog...and as we were expecting a baby, she couldn't give us back a reactive dog," u/putupyourpaws wrote.

After seven hours of pleading with the groomer to give back the dog, the Redditor said she involved police and publicly dragged the groomer on social media.

"It escalated to me calling the cops to finally get my dog back," she wrote. "It was the worst experience. I ended up blasting her 'business' on social media...and I think something also happened with the police as all her pages were down the next day."

"It seems like she's closed completely," she added.

Great Dane
The internet showed support for one dog owner, who said her Great Dane was improperly seized by a groomer for "aggressive" behavior. Earl-Wilkerson/iStock / Getty Images Plus

In the past months, there have been multiple reported cases of dogs being stolen by, or from, groomers across the United States. There have been fewer reports of dogs being "seized" by groomers for aggressive behavior.

Aggression is one of the most common behavioral problems dog groomers face, according to Bark Mart, a popular grooming service in South Carolina.

"Some pets may lash out at a groomer, and scratching or biting is a real possibility," the Bark Mart website reads. "Other pets may be unsociable when near unfamiliar animals at a groomer's, and fights could occur."

Along with the possibility of fights, aggressive behavior during grooming poses dangers for both dogs and groomers.

"When a groomer has a dog that is overly aggressive, there's a real risk for both the groomer and the animal," The Nest reported. "Attempting to groom causes undue stress on the dog and raises the possibility of an injury to both the dog and groomer."

Although dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior sometimes require extra groomers or muzzling, laws dictating who, or which government agencies can seize dogs, vary from state to state.

Nolo, an online resource for legal information, reported that the government has broad power to pick up and impound pets that are considered threats, and pets whose owners have violated animal laws. Dog groomers, however, do not fall under the umbrella of government agents with the power to seize an aggressive animal.

Responding to the viral Reddit post, thousands of commenters assured u/putupyourpaws that she was justified in blasting the dog groomer on social media, and questioned why the groomer thought she could seize the Great Dane in the first place.

In the post's top comment, which has received more than 21,000 votes, Redditor u/NUT-me-SHELL told the original poster that if she had to take legal action against the groomer, a negative online review should be the least of her concerns.

"This woman didn't have the authority to 'seize' your dog," they commented. "If you have to call the police to right the wrong of a business owner, you have every right to leave a negative review wherever you please."

Redditor u/IDKareyou77, whose comment has received nearly 8,500 votes, pointed out that the Great Dane's aggression was a direct result of the groomer not considering the original poster's clear instructions.

"A dog groomer that, after careful explanation of a dog's personality...and paying for accommodations, attempts to seize a client's dog because they ignored everything they were told can't stay in business," they commented. "You're doing a service warning people of a potential terrible experience."