Trio of Bears Destroy L.A. Man's Yard As Cubs Smash Pots and Knock Over Chairs

A Californian resident shared the destruction a trio of bears caused to his yard, as two mischievous cubs knocked over pots and chairs.

Michael Besoli, who describes himself as an "L.A. based abstract painter" filmed the incredible scene from the safety of his house.

The clip, shared earlier this month, shows two baby bears exploring Besoli's yard, as the mother looks on intently.

One cub seems to be the bolder of the pair, as it climbs down from a wall to walk around the patio, but then has difficulty getting back up.

It climbs up a tall plant pot to try and get back to its mother, but gravity intervenes and the planter—and bear—go tumbling to the ground, sending shards everything.

The little rascal then tries to climb a tree to get back to mom, but it doesn't get far before tumbling back down to the ground.

Mom looks on as she leans in from the wall, before jumping down herself to seemingly help her child.

But the cub has one more attempt to get back up to its sibling, as this time it attempts to scale a chair.

It scurries up one arm before standing on the back of the garden seat, which sends it tumbling to the floor as well.

"I'm gonna need a new pot," Besoli captioned the clip, which has been viewed more than nine million times.

Followers were desperate for an update on the trio's antics, so Besoli shared a part two later that same day.

After the cub's reign of destruction throughout the garden was over, it transpired there were stairs all along.

The second video shows mom leading the way up the steps, and her mini-me follows closely behind her, along with her other, well-behaved cub.

Besoli films the family slowly disappearing through the back of the yard through the shrubs, as he revealed why they visited in the first place.

He confirmed: "All 3 bears got out of the yard safely! We live very close to the mountains."

The naughty cubs' antics have struck a chord with followers, who claimed they reminded them of their own boisterous toddlers.

Others compared the situation to the mom and two cubs who visited another Californian's house earlier in the month.

Hailey, 17, pushed the adult bear off of a wall after it took a swipe at one of her dogs who began ferociously barking at the intruder.


Reply to @verthib All 3 bears got out of the yard safely! We live very close to the mountains 👍

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Branda, Hailey's cousin, shared the clip to TikTok captioned: "My cousin Hailey yeeted a bear off her fence today and saved her dogs. How's your Memorial Day?" It's since been viewed more than 70 million times.

Commenting on Besoli's run-in with bears, Mercedes wrote: "So toddlers are destructive as bears as well as humans huh?!"

Brenda Jimenez thought: "Those bears are just causing chaos in the city."

Lovely said: "This is definitely the bear that got pushed off the wall."

Irvin joked: "Tell it to pay for the vase."

Miss_Alaoui asked: "Is this the same bear who got pushed by the brave girl to protect her dogs?"

Akio Aslan reckoned: "That little bear had a mission: destroy everything."

Newsweek reached out to Besoli for comment.

Stock image of bear and cubs
Stock image of a mother bear with her two cubs. An L.A. based artist captured incredible scenes as a mischievous cub wrecked his yard. Dgwildlife/Getty Images