Tropical Bird Waltzed Into Family's House And 'Made It His Home' In Adorable Viral Video

Budgies are one of the most popular pets in the world. The beloved parakeets are affectionate, easy to care for, and comedic with their sound-mimicking. According to The Spruce, budgies (budgerigar) are one of the smallest true parrot species. Still, they don't typically float right into your house and claim it as their own. That's exactly what happened to one family in a now-viral video tweeted by The Dodo.

"As my family was eating dinner, we saw this flash of green just appear at our door," a young woman named Sam said in the video. "It was this beautiful colorful bird. We were all frozen like statues, waiting for him to come in. It was so stressful making sure that he wasn't going to fly away."

The video followed the budgie as he walks around the family's kitchen and has a good look around. He clearly looks as though he'd been well-cared for, but that meant he likely wouldn't survive in the wild on his own.

"There are no such things as tropical birds around here," she said. "We instantly knew that this was a domestic bird. We closed the door and found some seed that we can give to him. And honestly he made it his home."

She continued: "We wanted to make sure that he was as comfortable as possible. Knowing the potential journey he could had gone through and we wanted to make sure he got back to his owner."

The family put a post on Facebook and printed flyers, calling lost and found departments to find the bird's owner, Sam said. Ultimately, The Humane Society came to retrieve the sweet bird and held him for two weeks before Sam and her family were allowed to adopt him. They took him in and named him Pfizer.

"It honestly felt like we had him for years, with the way he was treating us. He was jumping from shoulder to shoulder, singing along to music that we were playing and felt like part of the family at an instant."

Pfizer now flies around his new home, kisses himself in the mirror, and looks forward to crackers. Sam and her family have made Pfizer a permanent member of their flock.

"It was honestly just such a miracle," she said. "He could've landed at any door. He is just such an important part of our family that we can't imagine life without him now."

Pet birds (budgerigar parrots) are seen inside a birdcage in the bird market. Jan Sochor/Getty Images