Tropical Storm Dorian Develops In Atlantic Ocean, Could Become A Hurricane by Tuesday

The National Hurricane Center in Miami on Saturday afternoon announced that Tropical Depression number five has strengthened into Tropical Storm Dorian, and it has a path moving westward into the Lesser Antilles. It could become a hurricane within the next three days, but its path is uncertain as it continues to develop.

At 4:42 p.m. ET on Saturday, Tropical Storm Dorian had maximum sustained winds at 40 mph and was moving west at 12 mph. The Saturday afternoon update by NHC stated that Dorian's center was approximately 725 miles east-southeast of Barbados.

The forecast model by the NHC indicates Dorian could reach hurricane strength by Tuesday, and it is projected to pass just south of Puerto Rico sometime between Tuesday and Thursday.

Dorian developed rather quickly on Saturday as it had become Tropical Depression Five in the morning morning. TD 4 is still sitting off the eastern coast of Florida and would become TS or Hurricane Erin if it gains strength.

Should Dorian reach hurricane strength, that means it will have reached maximum sustained winds of at least 75 mph to become a Category 1 storm.

Here are the latest Key Messages on Tropical Storm #Dorian. Tropical Storm or Hurricane watches may be needed for portions of the Lesser Antilles on Sunday. The latest info is available at

— National Hurricane Center (@NHC_Atlantic) August 24, 2019

The National Hurricane Center also said it is too soon to determine Dorian's timing or any potential impacts it will have as it moves through the Lesser Antilles the next two days, but did say tropical storm watches and hurricane watches will most likely be in effect beginning Sunday.

Many parts of Puerto Rico are still recovering from Hurricane Maria's damage in 2017. That deadly Category 4 storm wiped out much of Puerto Rico, and it devastated parts of Dominica and the Virgin Islands. The death toll in Puerto Rico topped 3,000, and it was the third-costliest storm in Atlantic history.

The good news for Puerto Rico this week is that it appears the eye may go south of the island and it will be less impactful than the powerful Maria. The bad news is that hurricane force winds could still hit parts of the mainland that haven't quite recovered from 2017.

Dorian is the fourth named storm in the Atlantic this season. In July, Tropical Storm Barry made landfall in south Louisiana, dumping massive amounts of rainfall from Lafayette to east of New Orleans.

The National Hurricane Center will provide updates on Dorian's strength and path every three hours.

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Storm clouds move towards New Orleans, Louisiana from Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana on July 11,2019. - Offcials in Plaquemines issued a mandatory evacuation order for the East Bank and parts of the West Bank according to local news reports as the area prepares for Tropical Storm Barry. Photo by SETH HERALD/AFP/Getty Images