Trucker Convoy on Washington: Traffic Slowed, But All Road Closures Reopen

Live Updates
  • The People's Convoy, an American offshoot of Canada's Freedom Convoy, slowed traffic in Washington D.C. Monday, as it descended upon the nation's capital.
  • According to Alert DC, the demonstration has caused traffic delays on I-395, I-695 and I-295. The Metropolitan Police Department has closed several streets and highway exits to keep traffic moving in the area.
  • D.C. Police said all traffic closures along D.C.-395 and D.C.-295 have now been lifted.
  • The Freedom Convoy is calling on government leaders to end COVID-19 mandates and re-open the country. The group's route started in California late February, ultimately headed to D.C.
  • The truckers previously said they plan to send trucks to the White House.

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Trucker Convoy
The People's Convoy of truckers have reached Washington D.C., causing multiple delays across major highways. Above, a single truck from the Peoples Convoy, with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) aboard, arrives at the U.S. Capitol March 10, 2022 in Washington, DC. The group of truckers are continuing to voice their frustrations with workplace COVID-19 mandates and other restrictions. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Ted Cruz Shows Support for Trucker Convoy

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has expressed his support for the trucker convoy protesting COVID-19 mandates in D.C.

Cruz spoke at a news conference along with members of the convoy. He called for an end to mask and vaccine mandates, saying they are "idiotic" and "absurd."

"It is insane that you have the left and the corporate media, they tell you it's wrong to ask for an ID to vote, that voter ID is a horrible, racist idea which is nonsense, but at the same time, they demand show me your papers to buy a cheeseburger," he said.

Cruz met with truckers at the Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland last week. The senator even joined a protester in the front seat of one of the trucks.

Convoy Livestreams Journey to D.C.

The People's Convoy is live streaming their journey to Washington, D.C. Monday afternoon, a trucker and his passenger narrated their drive from inside a big rig as they headed down the highway towards the nation's capital.

"This is our job, it's our hobby, it's everything wrapped in one," the driver said about his job. "This is our lives."

The People's Convoy describes themselves as a "peaceful and unified transcontinental movement," calling on government leaders to end COVID-19 mandates and re-open the country.

The convoy's route was scheduled to begin February 23 from Adelanto Stadium in Southern California, headed cross-country to Washington, D.C. The convoy is urging lawmakers to re-open the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, citing a major decline in cases, vaccine development and workable therapeutic agents.

"The average American worker needs to be able to end-run the economic hardships of the last two years, and get back to the business of making bread – so they can pay their rents and mortgages and help jumpstart this economy," the People's Convoy wrote.

"To that end, it's time for elected officials to work with the blue collar and white-collar workers of America and restore accountability and liberty – by lifting all mandates and ending the state of emergency – as COVID is well-in-hand now, and Americans need to get back to work in a free and unrestricted manner."

Washington, D.C. was listed as the group's final destination. In a press release, the group wrote it would, "abide by agreements with local authorities, and terminate in the vicinity of the D.C. area, but will NOT be going into D.C. proper."

Group organizers said they met with several U.S. Congressmembers on March 9. The convoy has raised more than $1.7 million as of March 14, according to its official page.

Convoy Trucker Punches Car Window on Beltway

A member of the People's Convoy got out of his truck and punched the window of a car in front of him on the highway.

The interaction was captured on the trucker's dashcam that was livestreaming the convoy's route through D.C. The car apparently cut off the truck along the Beltway.

Disclaimer: The video below contains profanity.

Convoy's Permit to Protest on Capital Mall Was Denied

The National Park Service (NPS) partially denied a permit application by the so-called "People's Convoy" to hold a two-week protest on the Capital Mall beginning on March 14, the Washington Post reports.

Records show the application was denied, in part, because of other previously booked events. The group was working with NPS on an alternative date and location; however, the group withdrew its application Sunday night, the Washington Post added.

The convoy planned to bring 10,000 people, upwards of 500 trucks and 1,000 cars and campers to the Capital Mall for nearly two weeks, beginning March 14 through March 26, the publication adds.

"The People's Convoy is not representative of the right or the left, it's representative of the people of the United States," convoy organizer Brian Brase said in an interview last week.

"This is for everyone, this is for your personal freedoms, that's what this is about. And it's time to remind the American government, and governments, truly, around the world even, that they work for us."

Traffic Closures Lifted Along D.C.-395

All traffic closures along D.C. 395/695 and D.C 295 have been lifted.

D.C. Police said the convoy is exiting Southbound DC-295.

Police Reopen Ramps Along I-395

The trucker convoy is exiting Northbound D.C. I-395 and I-695, according to DC Police Traffic.

Police are now reopening several ramps along I-395, including:

  • The ramp to 14th Street
  • The ramp to 12th Street
  • The ramp to Potomac Park
  • The ramp to Maine Avenue
  • The ramps from southbound 7th Street to Northbound 3rd Street Tunnel

Traffic Crawls Along I-395 into D.C.

Traffic came to a standstill along the Northbound lanes of I-395 into Washington, D.C. Monday afternoon, as the trucker convoy drove into town.

A map around the area shows heavy traffic down I-395 onto I-695, into the Downtown D.C area.

Traffic map around DC
Todd Dybas/Newsweek

Convoy Slows Traffic at the Pentagon

The trucker convoy honked as it passed by the Pentagon Monday afternoon.

Traffic is still slowed in the area along I-395 as the convoy appears to be heading for the 14th Street Bridge.

D.C. Streets, Highway Exits Closed

The Metropolitan Police Department has closed several streets and highway exits in Washington D.C. Monday afternoon, as the trucker convoy heads to the nation's capital.

"Due to demonstration activity on I-395, I-695 and I-295, motorists should expect traffic delays in reaching your destination," D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management said Monday.

D.C. Police Traffic reported heavy congestion along Northbound VA-395 through Northbound DC-395 to Southbound DC-295 to Northbound MD-495 as the convoy travels from Hagerstown, Maryland.

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