'True Detective' Season 3 Reddit Theories: Could Season Three Be Tied to Season one? Reddit Users Weigh In On the Identity of Purcell Kids' Kidnapper

True Detective returns Sunday on HBO with a brand-new episode: "Hunters in the Dark." Ahead of the episode's premiere conspiracy theorists took to Reddit to weigh in on the identity of the Purcell kids' kidnapper.

The crime at hand for Detective Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali) is the kidnapping of brother and sister, Will and Julie Purcell (Phoenix Elkin and Lena McCarthy) after they vanished from Ozark, Arkansas. Hays' partner, Roland West (Stephen Dorff) is also on the case.

Reddit theories below:

How to Watch 'True Detective' Season 3 Premiere
Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff in "True Detective." Season 3 of the HBO series premieres on January 13, 2018. Warrick Page

Could Wayne's Right-Hand Man Be Involved? The Roland West Theory:

Written by Reddit user hobbs2112, it was proposed Wayne's partner is more involved with the case than what meets the eye. The theory is prefaced by, "we all love Roland but..."

The Reddit user continued on with four reasons why West is possibly at fault: missing evidence, opportunity, the phone call and the relationship with Tom.

"Only someone inside the police station could have tampered with the evidence for the case," hobbs2112 wrote.

The theory went on that Roland may possibly have an accomplice and could have "taken their chance to plant the evidence."

"The phone call could be complete misdirection for the audience, having us believe it is the dad," the theory continued. "She was saying that she couldn't tell anymore to the hotline because they are working with him. That person is actually Roland West. If you back up on the episode he is in the background of Tom's Statement."

A relationship with the kids' father, Tom Purcell (Scoot McNairy) also seems to make West look a bit guilty: "After everything that happened, no other officer connected with the investigation really cares about Tom. There might be some type of guilt that he carries to make sure that Tom is always doing okay or at least stay in his good graces."

School Teacher or Kidnapper? The Amelia Reardon Theory:

Could the Purcell children's school teacher have been apart of their disappearance? One Reddit user, viceman99, seems to think so: "After watching both episodes twice, I feel as though there's a general idea that Amelia is involved in some way."

While some theorists believed that Amelia oddly "romanticized" the case instead of being apart of it, others believed her to be fishy from the beginning of Season 3.

Fans noted Amelia's comment regarding the case, showed she knew more about it than what Wayne had already revealed to her.

"The way they put Will... Like you said about the toys, it shows care."

She quickly changes the subject, which was extremely off-putting for viewers; however, one Reddit user took the time to defend the school teacher.

"I feel like Amelia is NOT in on the murders or connected," user bushbiyu wrote. "I feel like she is the true detective in this story and we can't see it because we are so enamored with Wayne and Roland, so invested in them solving and figuring out this case."

'True Detective' Season 3 Theories: Who Kidnapped the Purcell Kids? Biggest Suspects and Clues So Far
From left, Lena McCarthy and Phoenix Elkin in "True Detective." Season 3 of the HBO show premiered on January 13. Warrick Page/HBO

Could Season 3 Be Tied to Season 1?

Aside from the looming mystery of the kidnapper's identity, some Reddit users believe the answer lies in previous seasons.

A lesson viewers learned from Season 1 is that the assailants aren't crazy-eyed creeps, but well-dressed, well-spoken individuals. Could this possibly be a lesson applied in True Detective's latest case?

One Reddit user, sanjih, theorized that the kidnapper could possibly be not a distant individual; however, someone closely involved.

"Sometimes the monster isn't a man on TV, a distant enemy," the user wrote. "Sometimes it's someone you know and love. A beloved wife, a cousin, a father, an uncle."

True Detective airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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