Trump 2020 Adviser Says Biden's America Would Be 'Scary'—Using Portland Unrest Video

An apparent plan to show just how "scary" life could be in Joe Biden's America appeared to backfire on Boris Epshteyn—the strategic adviser for coalitions on the Trump 2020—on Wednesday, after he used video of life under President Donald Trump to make his point.

Sharing video of demonstrators in Portland rallying outside a federal courthouse, with some appearing to throw objects at federal officers guarding the facility, Epshteyn wrote: "This would be Joe Biden's America. It's a very scary place."

The 2020 campaign adviser appeared to be trying to take aim at liberal leadership in general by suggesting that the unrest Portland has seen under Democratic leadership would take nationwide effect under Biden.

That point was lost on critics, however, who were quick to point out that the unrest depicted in the video was already happening, but in Donald Trump's America.

"But,'s CURRENTLY Trump's America..." political commentator and television host Sarah Elizabeth Cupp wrote, sharing Epshteyn's tweet.

But,’s CURRENTLY Trump’s America...

— S.E. Cupp (@secupp) July 23, 2020

"That's a video of what happens under liberal leadership, in this case in Portland-looting, rioting, and chaos," Epshteyn responded.

"I realize you're a former conservative," he said, addressing Cupp, "but there's no way you don't understand that, is there?"

In a message to Newsweek, Epshteyn said it was "painfully clear that failed, far-left liberal leadership has brought dangerous chaos to cities such as Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, etc."

"A Joe Biden presidency, which would be run by the radical likes of [Alexandria Ocasio Cortez], Bernie Sanders, and Robert Francis "Beto" O' Rourke, would bring that chaos and destruction to our whole country," he said.

"The reality is not that those who are triggered by my correct statements are interpreting them differently, it's that they realize that these images of liberal horrors are hurtful to their cause of electing Joe Biden and are lashing out as a result," he asserted.

Asked whether the unrest in Portland could have any impact on the cause for re-election Trump, Epshteyn said: "President Trump and his Administration are doing all possible to bring law and order and stop the destruction in these liberal-run cities and states. However, they are being obstructed by liberal leaders who are claiming that the rioting and looting are somehow peaceful."

"Of course, pictures and videos tell a very different tale, including the burning of the courthouse in Portland within the last few hours, the horrible damage done to Minneapolis, and murders in the 'CHOP' zone of Seattle, and much more," he said.

The 2020 Trump campaign adviser continued to face ridicule over the post, however, with critics mocking Epshteyn for using footage of life under Trump to create fear around what a future under Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, might look like.

"Donald Trump is president," CNN White House Correspondent John Harwood tweeted out.

"Hilarious to see a 'journalist' joining in with the far-left blue checkmarks," Epshteyn wrote, referring to liberal Twitter users with verified accounts.

"You're a pathetic disgrace to your former profession, John," the 2020 campaign adviser wrote. "Even you should understand that video of a city burning under awful liberal leadership is what all of America would be like under [Joe Biden].

"Amazing how triggered lib blue checkmarks are at this video of a city, Portland, going up in flames under terrible Democrat leadership," Epshteyn wrote in a separate post. "They know this is what all of America would be like under [Joe Biden] and are angry that's being pointed out."

In recent days, Portland has dominated national headlines, with city and state officials locked in a war of words with the Trump administration over the government's deployment of federal law enforcement officers to the city in response to widespread unrest sparked by the killing of George Floyd.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has repeatedly demanded that federal authorities be removed from the city's streets, but the Trump administration has rejected those requests, asserting that federal law enforcement will remain in Portland as long as there is unrest.

This article has been updated with statements from Boris Epshteyn.

A demonstrator throws back a tear gas grenade after federal officers dispersed a crowd of about a thousand protesters in front of the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse on July 21, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Nathan Howard/Getty

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