Michael Avenatti: Trump Made 'Hugely Damaging Admission' That Michael Cohen Represented Him in Stormy Daniels Case

Stormy Daniels's attorney Michael Avenatti said President Donald Trump made a "hugely damaging admission" in a phone call to his favorite show Fox & Friends Thursday when saying for the first time that his personal lawyer Michael Cohen represented him in the Stormy Daniels "deal."

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Avenatti made the statement on MSNBC's Morning Joe after the show played a clip from Trump's call in which he said Cohen—who is under a federal investigation for deals including a payout to Daniels to cover up an alleged affair with Trump—represented him in "a tiny, tiny, little fraction" of his overall legal work.

"Michael would represent me, and represent me on some things. He represents me, like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, he represented me," Trump said. "And you know from what I see, he did absolutely nothing wrong."

Avenatti called Trump's admission "another gift from the heavens in this case."

"They keep coming, I don't know, I don't know how I've fallen into such good luck in this case but I'm going to take it," he continued. "Hugely damaging admission by the president because according to what he said on Air Force One a few weeks ago, he didn't know anything about the agreement, he didn't know anything about the payment, Michael Cohen went off did this on lark and Mr. Trump knew nothing about it."

The president says Michael Cohen represented him in Stormy Daniels case & @MichaelAvenatti reacts pic.twitter.com/AOi82PGwEe

— Morning Joe (@Morning_Joe) April 26, 2018

Daniels's lawyer concluded, "We now find out that that's bogus."

Avenatti after his television appearances reiterated the significance of Trump's admission on Twitter.

"Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen previously represented to the American people that Mr. Cohen acted on his own and Mr. Trump knew nothing about the agreement with my client, the $130k payment, etc.," Avenatti tweeted. "As I predicted, that has now been shown to be completely false. #basta."