Trump and Roseanne Barr are 'Stone Cold' Racists, 'Morning Joe' Guest and Co-Host Say

A guest on MSNBC's Morning Joe and the show's co-host called Roseanne Barr and President Donald Trump, who the fired sitcom actress supports, "stone cold racists," a day after ABC canceled Roseanne due to the star's culturally insensitive Twitter rant.

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ABC canceled Roseanne on Tuesday after Barr posted a series of tweets, including "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj," referring to Valerie Jarrett, a former top aide to ex-President Barack Obama. Barr also called Chelsea Clinton "Chelsea Soros Clinton" on Twitter and falsely claimed the former first daughter is married to the nephew of George Soros, a billionaire liberal philanthropist.

.@ValerieJarrett responds to Roseanne Barr's tweet, saying Disney’s chairman called her before announcing that ABC was canceling the show: "This should be a teaching moment.” #EverydayRacism

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) May 29, 2018

"It was stone cold racist comment. It wasn't a joke, it was mean spirited, it was vile. ABC knew this about her going in," Steve Schmidt, a former chief strategist for Senator John McCain's presidential campaign, said of Barr on "Morning Joe" Wednesday.

"But it's OK to take a chance right?" Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough asked. His co-host Mike Brzezinski then said: "And they were trying to contain her, I do know that."

Schmidt replied that no one on Morning Joe would do business with Barr but that ABC did because they could make a profit.

"This whole notion that ABC has acted appropriately... BS, they knew exactly who they were getting in bed with. She made it, what? Six weeks, six episodes, and we saw it," said Schmidt, and then made the same association to President Donald Trump.

"And the president, we shouldn't be surprised. We talk around this all the time, but after Charlottesville," Schmidt continued, "When you go down to Alabama and you do the NFL thing, which I said at the time is pretty, proverbially, pretty close to shouting the 'N' word in front of an all-white crowd in Alabama, he's a stone cold racist."

Scarborough pointed out other Trump actions that have led to accusations he is racist—that he called Mexicans racist early in his presidential campaign, and that he talked about banning many Muslims from entering the U.S.

"Stone cold racist," Brzezinski said, echoing Schmidt.