Trump Attends Fundraiser Selling $150K Tickets After Calling Biden 'Servant to Wealthy Donors'

President Donald Trump attended an up to $100,000-per person Newport Beach, California, fundraiser hosted by tech entrepreneur Palmer Luckey on Sunday, just days after calling Joe Biden a "servant of wealthy donors."

Trump on Friday told rallygoers in Macon, Georgia, that he "could be the world's greatest fundraiser," but has instead chosen not to reach out to Wall Street executives and other members of the wealthy elite. But on Sunday evening, Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey and his wife, Nicole, are hosting Trump and top Republican National Committee members for a private, closed-door fundraiser. Tickets for the event at Luckey's home—which is set to feature a live performance by The Beach Boys—range from $2,800 for individual admission to $150,000 per couple.

Trump accused Biden of being beholden to "wealthy donors" who "got rich bleeding America dry" during a Friday rally, just hours after it was reported casino magnate and GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson dropped $75 million into the president's re-election effort, and just two days before Luckey's $150,000-per couple event. A Los Angeles Times review of 2020 California megadonors showed Luckey has already donated $400,000 to Trump's campaign. Absent from that list is Peter Thiel, the fellow Silicon Valley entrepreneur who previously spent $1.25 million getting Trump elected.

The hefty ticket prices for Luckey's fundraising party allow attendees to gain entrance into the home and to take a picture with the president, The Orange County Register reported Sunday.

"[Biden is] a servant of the wealthy donors, globalists and special interests who got rich bleeding America dry," Trump told Georgia rallygoers Friday, before bragging he could receive donations from these same figures if he desired to do so.

"And by the way I could call these guys, every one of them would give me millions I'm the president, I could call heads of Wall Street firms and I'd say, 'hey do me a favor, could you give me $5 million,' every single one - but I can't do that though, because you know what? If I do that, I've got to do things for them and I don't want to, I want to do what's right. I could raise more money, I'd be the world's greatest fundraiser but I just don't want to do it," Trump added to raucous applause.

The president has spent weeks lashing out at the Biden campaign and the Democratic Party's fundraising numbers, with Trump raising $248 million in September compared to $383 million raised by Biden during the same time period.

Luckey wrote to Facebook friends Friday evening that the event at his Orange County estate would feature a live performance by The Beach Boys and the event is "the last fundraiser of the election before he gets back to focusing on rallies battleground states."

New: Oculus founder @PalmerLuckey is hosting a fundraiser for Donald Trump this weekend. (h/t @NickOCDem.)

— Teddy Schleifer (@teddyschleifer) October 16, 2020

"I haven't posted here about politics in four years now, but I have to make an exception for my friends. We are hosting President Trump at our home in Newport Beach this Sunday," Luckey wrote. "The Beach Boys will be playing live, the sun will be shining, and Trump will be Making America Great Again. If you are interested, hit me up and I will get you the registration info - be prepared to turn it around fast, not a ton of space or time."

Luckey is the co-founder of Oculus, maker of virtual reality headsets, which he sold to Facebook for more than $2 billion in 2014 at the age of 21. Facebook purchased Oculus just three years after Luckey created his first VR prototype technology in his parents' garage in Long Beach, California. Forbes places his net worth at more than $700 million.

Luckey maintains he was fired from Facebook in March 2017 after reports surfaced he'd donated money to a pro-Trump nonprofit which used memes and viral social media posts to promote his 2016 presidential campaign. Facebook itself was tied to several scandals and political bias accusations during the 2016 campaign between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Newsweek reached out to both the Trump campaign and Luckey for additional remarks Sunday evening.

Massive campaign donations from individuals and corporate interests have cropped up as a major issue in the 2020 campaign as Democrats and the Biden campaign argue Trump's Supreme Court picks want to uphold the controversial Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC) case from 2010. The ruling upheld that the free speech clause in the First Amendment should prohibit the government from limiting independent expenditures for political campaigns through the use of so-called PAC donor groups.

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US President Donald Trump speaks to supporters after steping off Air Force One upon arrival at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California on October 18, 2020. - Trump is heading to Newport Beach, California a fundraiser. MANDEL NGAN / Contributor/Getty Images