Trump Celebrates New China Trade Deal and Little League Winners at Louisiana Rally

President Donald Trump held a rally Friday in Lake Charles, Louisiana for "Thousands of loyal rock-ribbed American patriots" who came out to listen to his stump speeches for Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone in their upcoming election against John Bell Edwards. The president was quite careful to avoid picking a favorite between the two men, encouraging voters simply to think Republican when filling out their ballots tomorrow.

The President was enthusiastic about many subjects—the 6 million jobs he says he's made, the 10,000 factories he's opened, the "winning" ways of his party—and the upcoming Louisiana State University versus Florida football game.

"A great game—LSU and Florida. So important," he said.

Trump was happy to tout his administration's energy triumphs, claiming he ended the war on American Energy, and said the U.S. is the No. 1 producer of oil and natural gas anywhere on the planet. He also spoke with enthusiasm about the Veterans Choice program—in place since June 2019.

Also coming in for praise: phase one of his Chinese trade deal.

"I just made a great China deal for energy, for the farmers, for the banks for so many...I love my farmers," Trump said, adding that the deal will be worth $50 billion.

It wasn't all positives, however. Trump's frequent targets, the "fake news" media and the Democratic Party came in for a bashing, and ultimately the two messages were united.

"The fake news is always covering up for Joe Biden," Trump said, continuing his cry of "Where's Hunter?" and eventually suggesting Nancy Pelosi "hates this country." Trump also said the impeachment proceedings were "illegal, invalid, unconstitutional bullshit."

The President did renew his support for various Fox News contributors, as well as social media which, he said "gets the word out." However, despite gloating earlier Friday about Shepard Smith's resignation from Fox News, Smith didn't come up during the rally.

Trump also spoke about withdrawing troops from Iraq, telling the crowd, "Foreign wars have to end now," even though Trump deployed 3,000 troops to Saudi Arabia Friday.

The President appealed to both the gossip hungry—"Oprah used to be a very good friend of mine. She loved the key lime pie. She loved me until I ran for office."—and those searching for emotional succor—"I don't know why the hell you like a guy who lives on Fifth Avenue, but I love you too."

Abraham and Rispone were brought to the stage, and while Rispone didn't make much of an impression, Abraham said, "I dropped a resolution to remove Nancy Pelosi from the House of Representatives."

Trump was also in Louisiana to support Senate candidate John Kennedy, who said the president "loves Louisiana like the Devil loves sin."

President Trump is surrounded by members of the World Little League Championship team at a rally in Lake Charles, Louisiana on October 11th, 2019. Matt Sullivan/Getty

Trump also took time to introduce the World Little League champions, who rode from their White House visit with the President to the rally on Air Force One.

Trump made multiple promises, from vowing to end the AIDS epidemic in 10 years to putting a man on the face of the moon.

But there was one quote that didn't close the speech but remains memorable. "Most [people in other countries] think people in this country are crazy."