Trump-Endorsed Author Slams 'Lightyear' as 'Disgusting and Woke'

A conservative activist and author who previously drew praise from former U.S. President Donald Trump has branded Lightyear "one of the most disgusting and woke movies to ever be created."

Nick Adams, who authored the book Retaking America, hit out at the Pixar animated film in a tweet that has sparked anger and debate on social media.

"Lightyear is one of the most disgusting and woke movies to ever be created," Adams tweeted. "They castrated Buzz Lightyear in the name of Marxism." Adams is one of several conservative figures to criticize the film, which has been banned in several territories for featuring a same-sex kiss.

At the time of writing, his tweet had generated nearly 600 retweets, 1,250 quote tweets and a further 2,700 likes. However, the response to his comments has not been an entirely positive one, with many poking fun at the writer's claims.

Forbes film critic Scott Mendelsohn was among those to quote the tweet, writing: "I don't believe online whining cost Lightyear commercially." [Lightyear has underperformed in theaters.]

"But if it did, then Hollywood has no choice but to ignore it. Hateful, delusional people cannot be reasoned with or catered to, nor can their arbitrary and disingenuous temper tantrums be predicated."

Fellow writer James Felton also poked fun at the remarks, commenting: "May have nodded off during the scene where Karl Marx took Buzz Lightyear's testicles" while filmmaker Jesse Hawken joked: "I've seen the movie and Nick is right, the film ends with Buzz Lightyear being castrated by the Far Left."

Writer and podcaster Edward Ongweso Jr. also quipped: "yeah that's what the sickle is for. it says so in the first line of 'Capital'" with The New European's James Ball commenting: "Just wait until he discovers Ken dolls."

Adams was accused by multiple Twitter users of being a "snowflake" while one user was confused at the apparent anger over a "over a five-second scene when two women kissed" adding "spare me the fake outrage!"

There were some who agreed with the right-wing author's view. One commenter said they would "never watch another Disney/Pixar movie again" with another claiming "they ruined it."

Elsewhere, a third dissenting voice said: "I was angry at first that Tim Allen wasn't doing the voice of Buzz Lightyear, now I'm relieved he didn't."

Adams' remarks partly echo those of Everybody Loves Raymond actress Patricia Heaton, who accused the filmmakers of "castrating" the character of Buzz Lightyear by having him be played by Chris Evans instead of original actor Tim Allen.

A former politician in his native Australia, Adams earned major recognition online after former President Trump tweeted in praise of his book in August 2017.

In Retaking America, Adams, argues against political correctness claiming "anyone who loves life will hate political correctness and its expectations." He declares Europe is "in its death throes, completely infected by the political correctness disease," and "only America has the cure."

His first book Green Card Warrior, was also praised by Trump, who called it a "must-read."

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Author Nick Adams hit out at the film "Lightyear" for "castrating" the character of Buzz Lightyear. Disney