Trump Fans Want Hillary Clinton Impeached—Even Though She's Not President

It has been a year since the 2016 presidential election and it seems some Americans are still a little confused about the result. Newsflash: Hillary Clinton is not president, therefore she cannot be impeached.

But don't let that stop you from trying, folks. On Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedian took to the streets to reveal that an inordinate number of Americans want Clinton impeached.

President Donald Trump's election campaign included attacks on Clinton for improper use of her government email during her time as Secretary of State. Even though he beat her to become president, he's called for her to be locked up.

"Donald Trump would lock Hillary Clinton up for the Murder on the Orient Express right now," Kimmel quipped. "His supporters are so passionate about hating Hillary Clinton, it seems sometimes like maybe they forgot that she's not the president—he is."

Cut to a reporter asking actual Americans if Clinton should be impeached. Here are just some of the incredible responses:

"Yes, definitely. For what she's done, the way that she's kind of... more or less, with the Russian deal and all that going on, she definitely should be out," said one man. Er, out of what? She doesn't have a job.

Trump supporters want Hillary impeached
Trump supporters want Hillary impeached ABC/YouTube

The man was also asked, "What would it take for Congress to act now and remove Hillary from office?" He responded: "Well, they really haven't done anything yet." Wonder why?

A woman who claimed she's "not a political person at all" gave an emphatic "yes" when asked if Clinton deserved to be impeached. "I really have no clue," she answered when asked what crimes Clinton should be impeached for. Good to see you keeping informed, lady.

Later, Kimmel's roving reporter put some this-or-that questions to the same lady—and, wow. "What is a bigger threat: Climate change or Hillary Clinton?" The woman answered Clinton. "Guns or Hillary Clinton?" Clinton again. "ISIS or Hillary Clinton?" That one took a little more consideration, until the she landed on, "They're about even." Nope, they're really, really not.

Another man sporting some snazzy red shades said that Clinton's impeachable offenses include "numerous lies to the public, probably all the emails that mysteriously disappeared."

And another gentleman said Clinton's articles of impeachment should include "extortion, treason...if there was a Benedict Arnold law, it would be her." Hey, guy, the Benedict Arnold law is called treason.

Watch the full segment below: