Trump Has Narrow Lead Over Biden in Key Swing State of Iowa: Poll

President Donald Trump holds a narrow lead over Joe Biden in the key swing state of Iowa, according to a new poll.

The poll, conducted by Monmouth University, shows 50 percent of registered voters in Iowa saying they'd vote for Trump, compared with 44 percent for Biden.

Trump's 6-point lead is a slight increase from a previous poll conducted by Monmouth in Iowa. The August survey found 48 percent of voters in the state siding with Trump, while 45 percent chose Biden.

The new Monmouth poll surveyed 402 registered voters in Iowa from September 18 to 22 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percentage points.

The poll found the same results for both high likely turnout and a low likely turnout, with 49 percent in both categories saying they'd vote for Trump and 46 percent choosing Biden.

Among different age demographics, the poll found Iowa voters between 18 and 49, as well as those between 50 and 64, supporting Trump. Fifty-one percent of respondents between 18 and 49 said they'd vote for Trump, while 43 percent supported the former vice president.

Fifty-five percent of Iowa voters between 50 and 64 said they'd vote for Trump, compared with 38 percent that favored Biden. By contrast, the poll found Biden ahead of Trump among those 65 and older, as 50 percent said they'd vote for the Democrat while 46 percent said Trump.

The two candidates also received differing support from males and females in Iowa. Fifty-nine percent of men said they'd vote for Trump, compared with 54 percent of female voters who chose Biden.

Additionally, the poll found that more Iowa voters said they have a favorable view of Trump, compared with Biden. Forty-nine percent said they have a favorable opinion of the president, with 32 percent saying very favorable and 17 percent saying somewhat favorable.

Forty-one percent of Iowa voters said they have a favorable view of the former vice president, with 19 percent saying very favorable and 22 percent saying somewhat favorable.

U.S. President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump leaves after speaking at a campaign rally in Jacksonville, Florida, on September 24. Brendan Smialowski/Getty

The poll reported that 49 percent of Iowa voters said they have an unfavorable view of both candidates.

Despite Trump's lead over Biden in Iowa, a number of national polls show the Democratic nominee ahead. A recent poll conducted by Emerson College found Biden with a 4-point lead, as 48 percent of Americans said they'd vote for him while 44 percent supported Trump.

Real Clear Politics' average of several nationally conducted polls shows Biden leading the president by 6.5 points.