Trump Hat-Wearing Utility Worker Fired After Allegedly Harassing Woman About Bumper Stickers

A Boston, Massachusetts area utility worker wearing a Trump hat has been fired, after allegedly harassing a woman outside her home due to bumper stickers on her car, according to a report from WFXT.

The unnamed man was said to be driving a company vehicle when he noticed Jessie Bennet's car parked outside her home in Belmont, a suburb of Boston. Apparently enraged by the bumper stickers showcasing political views he disagreed with, he pulled over and parked in back of Bennet's car. He was said to be loudly playing conservative talk radio as he began continuously honking the horn of his work van. Bennet heard the noises and went outside, where she was confronted by the man.

The man seems to have taken particular umbrage with bumper stickers including a campaign sticker for presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, a Family Equality Council sticker that promoted "advancing equality for LGBTQ families" and stickers supporting national parks.

"He said he disagreed with the things on the back of my car, and he thought that we were what was wrong with the country, and that kind of thing," Bennett said to WFXT. "It was coming from such a place of anger, so it was really intimidating."

Footage taken by a security camera on Bennet's home shows her wife and their young child walking by the van as the man shouts something, and captures the man repeatedly yelling "loser" before Bennet engages with him.

As the incident escalated, Bennet began recording a video on her smartphone. The man appears belligerent and seems to be slurring his speech. He is wearing a yellow work shirt with a red Trump 2020 hat.

"Are you drunk or something?" Bennet asks in the video.

"No, I just hate all your [expletive] on your car," the man replies.

Before the video confrontation ends, Bennet asks the man to leave.

"What's your problem? Go someplace else. You're the one who's stopping in front of somebody's house because you dislike their bumper stickers," she tells the man. "I don't go in front of any Trump person's house and scream and blast 'Rachel Maddow' first thing in the morning."

Trump 2020 hat
A Trump 2020 hat similar to the one worn by the man. Getty/Cengiz Yar

A neighbor reportedly called police to report the incident, but the man had left before authorities arrived. Police are said to be investigating the incident.

The utility company the man worked for, National Grid, is a multinational business that supplies over 3.3 million people in the northeastern U.S. with gas and electricity.

The company terminated the man's employment before releasing a statement commenting on the incident and explaining their decision.

"Upon learning of the incident, we reviewed the video evidence, apologized to the customer for what she experienced, and as of today, the worker in the video is no longer an employee of National Grid," the statement says. "Our strong commitment to inclusion and diversity at National Grid includes demonstrating respect at all times to one another as fellow human beings."