Trump Impeachment Calls: Freshman Democrats Urge Congress to 'Find the Truth' Over Ukraine Allegations

Seven freshman Democrats have added their names to the growing throng of Democrats pushing for an impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.

The group of Democrats, who all hail from national security backgrounds, put their names to an op ed published in The Washington Post on Monday that urged Congress to investigate Trump's conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to "determine whether the president was indeed willing to use his power and withhold security assistance funds to persuade a foreign country to assist him in an upcoming election."

Their letter, from Representatives Gil Cisneros (California), Jason Crow (Colorado), Chrissy Houlahan (Pennsylvania), Elaine Luria (Virginia), Mikie Sherrill (New Jersey), Elissa Slotkin (Michigan) and Abigail Spanberger (Virginia), comes on the heels of reports from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal that allege that in July Trump asked Zelensky to investigate Democratic hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter; a request that reportedly came days after the president held up military aid to the country.

"The president of the United States may have used his position to pressure a foreign country into investigating a political opponent, and he sought to use U.S. taxpayer dollars as leverage to do it," the group of Democrats wrote.

"We also know that on Sept. 9, the inspector general for the intelligence community notified Congress of a "credible" and "urgent" whistleblower complaint related to national security and potentially involving these allegations. Despite federal law requiring the disclosure of this complaint to Congress, the administration has blocked its release to Congress," the letter added, with the group of Democrats commenting that, if true, they "believe these actions represent an impeachable offense."

For his part, the president on Monday commented on his conversation with the Ukrainian president, saying: "We are supporting a country. We want to make sure that country is honest. It's very important to talk about corruption. If you don't talk about corruption, why would you give money to a country that you think is corrupt?"

As it currently stands, there are 139 Democrats who are openly calling for Congress to consider impeachment proceedings against the president, CNN reported, with pressure mounting on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take action.

The number of Democrats calling for an impeachment inquiry have swelled following the July testimony of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Congress, and the latest allegations around the president have done little to quell those calls.