Fox News' Jeanine Pirro, one of Donald Trump's most impassioned supporters, said on Sunday that Trump is being framed by establishment forces in Washington, D.C.

The Hill reported that during an interview aired on AM 970 New York, the former judge said, "I've been in law-enforcement for over three decades. This guy was framed."

Pirro also suggested investigators are looking at the wrong targets, accusing the Democratic Party of breaking the law rather than their opponents across the aisle. "Nobody is looking at the corruption. It's all one-sided, the corruption on the part of the Democrats," Pirro said. "This president was framed. It's that simple."

Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News makes remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference at National Harbor, Maryland, on February 23, 2017.MIKE THEILER/AFP/Getty Images

"The crisscrossing and the incestuous nature of our government in an attempt to prevent the outsider president that we wanted from getting elected is frightening," she added, touching on the right-wing conspiracy theory alleging a "deep state" is working to bring Trump down.

Pirro offered no evidence for her assertion, and her comments echo claims made by the president suggesting members of law enforcement are trying to unseat him for crimes he did not commit.

Trump's position is looking increasingly unstable as Americans prepare to vote in November's midterm elections. Special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian meddling investigation secured eight guilty convictions for bank and tax fraud by former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort last month.

Despite the president's repeated description of the probe as a "witch hunt," five of his key advisors have either been convicted or admitted wrongdoing since he was elected in 2016.

As investigators uncover more crimes and secure more convictions, Trump seems to be getting more nervous, having used the "witch hunt" phrase more than 110 times, The Atlantic reported.

His use of the term rose sharply after the FBI raided the office of his personal attorney Michael Cohen in April. Last month Cohen pled guilty to eight counts of campaign finance violations, tax fraud and bank fraud.

In her Sunday interview, Pirro hit on another key Trump talking point—Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Since recusing himself from all matters related to Mueller's investigation, Sessions has been a favorite target of the president.

"That guy [Jeff] Sessions, he has no prosecutorial balls. It's as simple as that… He's hiding in the corner. I don't know what he's doing," Pirro said.

Trump is rumored to be considering firing Sessions, though he told Bloomberg this week that he likely would not take such a step before the midterms. Republican senators have cautioned against sacking the attorney general, though some of Trump's close supporters—like Lindsey Graham—have indicated they would back his removal.

Pirro, a former prosecutor, has been broadly criticized for her mishandling of high-profile cases including that of the real estate heir Robert Durst. She published a book which sought to take credit for his eventual apprehension, but many close to the case have said she has imperiled an ongoing case against him.