Trump Isn't Smart Enough to Make Deals Because He Only Understands Force, Iran Says

President Donald Trump is unfit for his job and does not have the mental capacity to deal with issues like the Iran nuclear deal, Iran's speaker of parliament said Wednesday.

The comments from Iranian parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani were made in response to Trump's decision Tuesday to end the U.S. participation in the Iran nuclear deal, known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

"Trump's abandoning of the nuclear deal was a diplomatic show," Larijani said Wednesday in a televised speech in front of the country's parliament. "It is obvious that Trump only understands the language of force….Trump does not have the mental capacity to deal with issues."

The comments appear to be playing off a longstanding debate in Washington and elsewhere over Trump's mental health. Questions about the president's mental state have been floated frequently in the months since journalist Michael Wolff published his controversial book Fire and Fury, which allegedly details the inner workings of Trump's White House. The debate over whether pundits should bring up the issue of mental health and public policy has also been robust. Trump, meanwhile, has responded to these discussions by frequently trumpeting his own intelligence.

But despite the debate, Trump and his aides all appear to hold a strong and longstanding conviction that the deal is not beneficial for the U.S. or the world. On Tuesday, Trump called the deal with Iran a "horrible, one-sided deal" that should never have been made.

"At the heart of the Iran deal was a giant fiction that a murderous regime desired only a peaceful nuclear energy program," Trump said. "In the years since the deal was reached, Iran's military budget has grown by almost 40 percent, while its economy is doing very badly. After the sanctions were lifted, the dictatorship used its new funds to build nuclear-capable missiles, support terrorism, and cause havoc throughout the Middle East and beyond."

However, America's allies in Europe do not agree. Also on Wednesday, Great Britain's Foreign Minister Boris Johnson vowed that the U.K., one of the other signatories of the deal, would do everything in its power to maintain the terms of the agreement. It is unclear if the other signatories of the deal will be permitted to continue doing business with Iran without also being hit with U.S. sanctions.