Trump Legal Team Shouldn't 'Buy Green Bananas' as Penn. Counting Almost Over: Lt. Gov

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman has suggested that the counting of votes in his state will soon be finished and President Donald Trump's legal team there might be wasting their time.

Fetterman spoke to CNN on Saturday as former Vice President Joe Biden's lead over Trump has grown. The president has continued to make unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud.

CNN host Alisyn Camerota asked Fetterman, a Democrat, if there was any indication about when the state's vote counting might conclude. He said the process was ongoing.

"There isn't any good news for the president's campaign anywhere in the pockets of votes that remain," Fetterman said.

"Philadelphia's going to drop a big bundle at some point this morning," he said, going on to mention more votes coming from potentially crucial Allegheny County.

"Those trend heavily in the vice president's favor," Fetterman said.

"My advice to the president's legal team on the ground here in Pennsylvania is not to buy any green bananas because I don't think this gonna be much longer," he quipped.

Fetterman said he wasn't sure if today would be the day his state gave Biden the president, but he added "I'm unsure why, mathematically, we're not already there."

"If you just look at where these votes are coming from and the history of how these votes break, you're talking 75, 80 percent and higher coming out of Philadelphia. Even if you give a 50-50 break, that doesn't gain the president any ground and the vice president is already about 30,000 up.

"He's gonna go up even more when those Philly ballots drop and I want to emphasize - these are all legal ballots that can't be touched by any Supreme Court decision," Fetterman said.

"And at this point you have this sad strategy of trying to appeal these so-called late ballots that arrive after election night at 8pm through Friday and you're talking 2 maybe 3,000 votes all across Pennsylvania. It's an inconsequential pot of ballots."

"I would urge them to just accept math," Fetterman said and went on to dismiss other challenges to ballots in the state.

The latest figures show Biden ahead of the president by 28,833 votes with 96 percent of ballots counted, according to NBC News. If the Democrat is able to carry the state, it will bring him over the line and deliver the necessary 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House.

He already has 264 electoral votes, according to Associated Press' data. Pennsylvania boasts 20 electoral votes and his essential if Trump is to win re-election.

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman
Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman (D - PA) delivers an introduction for Governor Tom Wolf during an inaugural ceremony on January 15, 2019 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Wolf won by more than 17 percent in November to claim another gubernatorial term. Fetterman told CNN on Saturday that Joe Biden would win Pennsylvania. Mark Makela/Getty Images