Trump Is 'Living Proof Karma Does Not Exist,' Stephen Colbert Says

Host of the Late Show, Stephen Colbert, started his Wednesday night monologue by once again addressing an odd story involving the President of the United States.

Donald Trump's current preoccupation with, what he himself has dubbed "spygate," has manifested itself, as ever, on Twitter, with the president claiming it "could be one of the biggest political scandals in history!"

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The debacle centers around the revelation that there was an FBI informant embedded with the Trump campaign. "A criminal investigation is not 'spying,'" Colbert said, adding, "it should be investigate-gate."

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Colbert later went after another Trump Twitter post, saying he had "tweeted about his made-up spy thing" in this tweet ending with Trump saying "what goes around, comes around!"

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"Donald Trump," Colbert retorted, "you for one should not be talking about 'what goes around, comes around.' You are living proof that karma does not exist. I am sorry to break it to ya Hindus, it's a lawless universe devoid of hope, the stars blindly run… let's all go baby-slapping," a comically impassioned Colbert said.

On another tweet in which Trump said this supposed spy was in his campaign "for political reasons and to help Crooked Hillary win," Colbert said, "follow Trump down the rabbit hole here."

"They embedded a spy early on and paid him massive sums of money to sabotage the Trump campaign with false claims of Russian collusion in the press to help Hillary Clinton win and then, and here's the insidious part, they didn't tell the press and Hillary Clinton lost so when Trump revealed this plot he would seem like a desperate criminal spinning conspiracy theories to stop the walls from closing in," Colbert noted breathlessly.

"Nice try deep state, nice try."

Trump Is 'Living Proof Karma Does Not Exist,' Stephen Colbert Says | U.S.