The 10 Erratic Things Trump Has Done Since Losing the Midterms

President Donald Trump's behavior has grown more angry and erratic since the Democratic Party pulled off its biggest House sweep since Watergate.

The November 6 midterm elections saw Democrats deliver Trump a reality check after two years of Republicans controlling both houses of Congress and the White House. The Democrats' net gain of 40 House seats has prompted Trump to fire his U.S. attorney general, float odd wildfire theories and lash out with other bizarre behavior.

President Donald Trump's already bizarre behavior has worsened since the Democratic Party pulled off its biggest House sweep since Watergate. Getty Images JIM WATSON/Contributor

In the few weeks ince the midterm elections, Trump fired Jeff Sessions and replaced him with Matthew Whitaker in a move many speculate was designed to try and stop Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian collusion investigation. Trump also amped up his odd tweeting habits, referring to Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff as "Adam Schitt."

The president's attacks against the news media have become particularly aggressive, including his unsuccessful attempt to ban CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Trump also lashed out at an admiral who oversaw the raid that led to terrorist Osama bin Laden's death in 2011.

He then skipped a military ceremony at a French cemetery and cited rain as his excuse for not attending. Trump issued a truly strange response to the CIA's conclusion Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammed bin Salman was directly responsible for the alleged murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

In response to the deadly California wildfires, Trump has floated several strange "raking" theories about the cause and potential solution to the ongoing fires. He also referred to the decimated city of Paradise, California as "Pleasure" on two separate references.

The president has also managed to anger many in his own party after he criticized the ninth circuit court of appeals. On Wednesday, former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele tweeted Trump should "just shut the hell up and get on the helicopter. Give us a rest from your crazy. You don't know the 9th circuit from a circuit breaker. It's Thanksgiving for crying out loud. Let us be thankful for your silence. You've said enough this week."

Trump was also scolded by George W. Bush-appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts for his comments about the ninth circuit court of appeals.

The president is also reportedly looking to settle old scores with political opponents including Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey. And on the family front, Trump's daughter and White House aide, Ivanka, was caught using a personal email account to conduct government business.