Trump Is Out of Control and 'Spiraling Down Into Paranoia,' Says His 'Art of the Deal' Ghostwriter

The man who ghost-wrote "The Art of the Deal" says Congress must remove President Donald Trump from office—and fast. Drew Angerer/Getty

President Donald Trump is out of control and must be removed from the White House as soon as possible—or else.

That's the assessment of Tony Schwartz, who co-wrote Trump's 1987 book The Art of the Deal. Schwartz, who has become a frequent critic of the president, tweeted this week that Trump appears to be becoming more manic—and that behavior could make the U.S. a target for nuclear countries like North Korea.

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"He is escalating and sending our nation into chaos. I know this man," Schwartz wrote to his 139,000 followers on Tuesday night. "Republicans and Democrats alike must find a way to remove Trump from office as soon as possible. I can't overstate the mortal danger he poses."

Schwartz continued to lay into Trump on Wednesday morning, tweeting that the president's "grip on reality is spiraling down into paranoia and delusion" and wondering "whether Trump will blow up his presidency before he blows us up." His messages quickly went viral. By Wednesday afternoon, they'd racked up a collective 21,000 favorites and 8,000 retweets.

Judging from the timing, Schwartz's Twitter rant may have been inspired by the ongoing catfight between Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson over the commander in chief's intelligence. NBC News reported last week that Tillerson called Trump a "moron" over the summer. Trump initially rejected the story as fake news, but in aForbes interview out Tuesday, he proposed the duo compare IQ tests to settle the debate.

"I can tell you who is going to win," he added.

Trump's IQ doesn't matter (I suspect it's low). What matters is he's remarkably ignorant about nearly everything and incapable of learning.

— Tony Schwartz (@tonyschwartz) October 10, 2017

Schwartz has become an outspoken authority on Trump ever since spending more than a year in the 1980s shadowing him for the book, according to CNN. Now the chief executive officer of the Energy Project, Schwartz has recently called Trump "deeply disturbed" and predicted that Trump will resign by the end of the year.

But no matter how hard Schwartz campaigns for his removal—which some 40 percent of Americans support—Trump probably won't be forced out of the White House. Congress has the power to impeach, but both chambers are controlled by the Republican Party.

Not to mention, only two presidents in American history have been impeached: Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998. Neither was removed from office.

It is also unlikely that Trump's Cabinet will exercise its authority under the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. The law calls for the automatic expulsion of a president if a majority of his Cabinet and the vice president declare him "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office."