Trump Plaza Crash: Witnesses Describe Moment Driver Took a Seat on Sofa After Plowing Through Lobby Doors—'Kind of Crazy to See'

Witnesses have recalled their shock after a car crashed through the lobby doors of the Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York on Tuesday night, in what appears to have been a freak accident.

At least two bystanders, plus the driver, were injured in the crash, which occurred at around 9 p.m., CBS New York reported. Emergency crews rushed to the scene, though none of the injuries are thought to be life-threatening.

Witnesses recalled seeing the car—a black Mercedes—smash through the lobby doors of the high-rise, leaving a trail of broken glass and debris in front of the building and inside the main entrance.

Photos from the scene showed the damaged sedan sitting with its hood and trunk open as workers tried to clear away some of the destruction. Tony Aiello, a reporter at CBS New York, said the vehicle was "totaled, obviously."

Workers at Trump Plaza New Rochelle say after car plowed into lobby, make driver got out and took a seat on a sofa. Said nothing. Several injuries but none are life threatening.

— Tony Aiello (@AielloTV) September 18, 2019

The as-yet unidentified driver reportedly stepped out of the vehicle and, without saying a word, sat down on a nearby sofa. Maintenance worker Kevin Jenkins told CBS he saw the driver "sitting in the chair, he was bleeding. He just really shook up."

Local resident Marlene Johnson expressed her shock at the incident. "I walk my dog all the time and this is kind of crazy to see the way the car careen into the heavy glass doors," she told CBS.

"You wonder, if somebody lost control of a car and what's going on in the world, did somebody deliberately run the car into the Trump Tower? I don't know."

Aiello reported that, despite the shock of the crash, residents were still "coming and going, returning home from dinner, walking their dogs" as emergency crews worked to clean up the mess and remove the car.

Police are still investigating the cause of the incident, but Sgt. Chris Castiglia of the New Rochelle police department told The New York Times that the wreck did not appear to be intentional.

The 435-foot Trump Plaza, at 175 Huguenot Street, opened in 2007. Donald Trump touted the 40-story building as a milestone in "the renaissance of New Rochelle" when it opened. It includes a fitness center, outdoor roof deck and business center, The New York Times reported.

The building's development was lead by Louis R. Cappelli, a real estate mogul who heads up the Cappelli Enterprises firm and has developed millions of square feet of property. He also worked with Trump to develop the Trump Tower at City Center in 2005, a 35-story condominium building in White Plains around 10 miles from the Trump Plaza.

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This file photo shows Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan on December 10, 2018 in New York City. On Tuesday, a car plowed into another Trump property in New York—the Trump Plaza in New Rochelle. Spencer Platt/Getty Images/Getty