Trump Protesters Rally Against Election Loss in All 6 State Capitals Contested by President

Protesters in support of outgoing President Donald Trump surrounded, and in some cases stormed into, government buildings in six separate state capitals where the president challenged his November election loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump supporters on Wednesday amassed around capitol buildings in Phoenix, Atlanta, Lansing, Michigan, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Carson City, Nevada, and Madison, Wisconsin. In Lansing, numerous protesters carried a large cross draped with an American flag on to the capitol building lawn and held a religious ceremony in honor of Trump. The January 6 pro-Trump rallies each numbered in the hundreds and followed weeks of demands from the president himself for "wild" protests across the country.

Loudspeakers and TVs were set up to play clips of Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani railing against "Democrat criminals hiding evidence" and unfounded claims of "massive voter fraud." Some protesters in Atlanta, Lansing and Carson City could be seen holding rifles, Gadsden flags and Trump 2020 campaign posters. In Phoenix, protest organizers set up merchandise booths with "Unleash the Kraken" and "Gods, Guns, Trump 2020" t-shirts.

"Fight for Trump" and "stop the steal" and "fake virus" chants broke out in each capital city Wednesday, videos show. All six of those capital cities are in states where Trump's legal team had legal challenges to the results denied or outright rejected by both Republican and Democratic election officials.

I'm in Carson City this morning photographing a few hundred Trump supporters protesting in front of the Legislature for @TheNVIndy.

— David Calvert (@calvertphoto) January 6, 2021

However, protests against several Democratic governors also broke out at the behest of the president in places like Sacramento, California, where rallygoers signed a petition to oust Gavin Newsom.

In Atlanta, dozens of heavily armed protesters could be seen walking toward Georgia's state capitol grounds with law enforcement trailing them nearby. As opposed to the chaotic scene in Washington Wednesday afternoon, local reports indicate the pro-Trump rallies in the state capitals were relatively peaceful. Trump supporters gathered around the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building in Harrisburg cheered as organizers echoed the president's demands to "de-certify" the November 3 election results.

Lt. Darren Green of the Michigan State Police estimated the Lansing rally crowd between 700 and 800 people in remarks to the Detroit Free Press Wednesday, noting the protesters were "just exercising their First and Second Amendment rights."

Trump has for weeks urged his most fanatical supporters to hold the "wild" January 6 protests which occurred as a joint session of Congress certified Electoral College votes in what is traditionally an overlooked, innocuous process. But this year, Capitol Hill police drew their weapons, barricaded chamber doors and ushered Vice President Mike Pence into safety as hoards of Trump supporters entered the building.

lansing michigan trump supporters protest
Donald Trump supporters gather around the Michigan State Capitol Building to protest the certification of Joe Biden as the next president of the United states on January 6, 2021 in Lansing, Michigan. Trump supporters gathered at state capitals across the country to protest today's ratification of President-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College victory over President Trump in the 2020 election. MATTHEW HATCHER / Stringer/Getty Images