Putin Has Something 'Bad' on Trump, and President Is Trying to Hide It, Joe Scarborough Warns

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC claimed Friday that President Donald Trump was attempting to create perpetual scandal in order to desensitize the public so that it becomes indifferent to whatever Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly has on him. 

Scarborough said the current scandal regarding Trump's supposed relations with porn star Stormy Daniels is "small compared [to] the biggest truth that Donald Trump doesn't want out... Vladimir Putin has something he is holding over Donald Trump's head. And it is bad."

The Morning Joe host suggested that the numerous scandals surrounding the president have all been part of a conscious strategy to divert attention from the Russia investigation and an infamous dossier that found Trump to be vulnerable to blackmail by the Kremlin.

01_19_Putin_Trump Donald Trump (right) and Vladimir Putin (left) at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders' summit in Danang, Vietnam, on November 11, 2017. Jorge Silva/Getty Images

"Think about it. If you're Donald Trump and...you're attacking allies all over the world. You're attacking the media. You're employing the same that Stalin used: calling the media 'enemies of the people,' Scarborough continued. "You're making outrageous racist comments... in the White House... You send out a flurry of outrageous tweets every day. Well, there is a method to that madness. It is what dictators use. I'm not calling Donald Trump a dictator, but it is what autocrats and dictators have done for a long time."

Scarborough said Trump's tactics were reminiscent of those employed by Adolf Hitler but maintained he wasn't attempting to make a direct comparison between the president and the Nazi leader. Trump is flooding the public "in so many lies," Scarborough contended, and is "numbing the masses" in the process.  

"So, what is Donald Trump hoping? He is not hoping he can just brush aside a story of a porn star. He’s hoping when the truth comes out about what Vladimir Putin has and has had hanging over his head for decades, possibly, that we will all be too numb to notice," said Scarborough. 

Since Trump became president, he has made over 2,000 false or misleading claims, according to an analysis of his statements from The Washington Post. But his behavior has not come without consequences. Trump ended his first year with the lowest approval rating of any modern president (39 percent), according to a NBC News–Wall Street Journal poll.

Trump has vehemently denied that his campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential election. An investigation remains ongoing.