Trump Retweets Video of White St. Louis Couple Waving Guns at Protesters

President Donald Trump retweeted a video of a white couple waving firearms at protesters outside their home Sunday evening, just hours after he retweeted - and later deleted - a post highlighting a "white power" supporter.

Trump offered no context Monday morning as he retweeted ABC News video of a married couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, seen touting an assault rifle and a handgun as demonstrators marched toward the St. Louis mayor Lyda Krewson's home. The protesters demanded Krewson's resignation Friday after she read the names and partial addresses of people who were calling for police reform during a Facebook live event.

Krewson later apologized for the incident, writing in a tweet that it was unintentional while she was "answering routine questions" during the Facebook live event.

"Never did I intend to harm anyone or cause distress," the mayor said. The McCloskey couple garnered national attention through the president's retweet, which showed the two shouting at the peaceful protesters while holding the AR-15 and pistol in their direction.

A couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as a group marched toward the mayor's home to demand her resignation.

— ABC News (@ABC) June 29, 2020

"A couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as a group marched toward the mayor's home to demand her resignation," read the ABC News tweet caption which Trump shared with no context.

As local CNN affiliate KMOV-TV reported Sunday, protesters were on their way toward the nearby St. Louis mayor's home chanting, "resign Lyda, take the cops with you. The video shared by the president overhears demonstrators telling others to "keep moving" as they receive verbal threats from the McCloskey couple. The pair own a piece of property in the wealthy Forest Park area of the city dubbed the Niemann Mansion.

The president's sharing of the video preceded him tweeting out about a dozen posts from police departments which ask the public to identify Black Lives Matter protesters and others wanted in connection to alleged "major crimes" while demonstrating. On Sunday morning, Trump retweeted and later deleted a video praising senior Florida supporters, one of whom chanted "white power" at nearby critics. The White House later issued a statement calling it a mistake that he shared the video from The Villages senior retirement community.

Krewson identifying some of the protestors drew a rebuke from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which called it "shocking and misguided" in a statement.

"It is shocking and misguided for Mayor Lyda Krewson of St. Louis, to broadcast the addresses of those who dare to express a different viewpoint on an issue of public concern," the ACLU statement said. "It serves no apparent purpose beyond intimidation. We are stronger when we foster open dialogue. The chilling of debate should bother everyone, no matter whether they agree or disagree with the mayor on this particular issue."

Newsweek reached out to the White House for additional comments Monday morning.

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President Donald Trump retweeted a video of a wealthy white St. Louis couple waving guns at protesters just one day after he RT'd - and later deleted - a video of a "white power" supporter in Florida. Screenshot: Twitter | Donald Trump