Trump Says Democrats Caved Over Shutdown

President Donald Trump celebrated a 'big win,' alleging Democrats 'caved' to pressure from voters over their 'disgusting' tactics in government shutdown John Moore/Getty

The president celebrated a "big win for Republicans" after ending the government shutdown as a Trump campaign fundraising email sent out an email to supporters saying Democrats "CAVED" under pressure.

"Ever since the Schumer Shutdown, we received 48 petitions per second from Americans like you, demanding Democrats stop holding our military hostage to give amnesty to illegal immigrants," the message read.

The email, sent out monday, claimed that Democrats in red states saw how "ANGRY" voters were with their "disgusting tactics" and "couldn't go on any longer."

The White House branded the government freeze the "Schumer shutdown" after Minority Leader Chuck Schumer emerged as a leader in the Democrats' bid to force a deal protecting Dreamers, the undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, from deportation.

Democrats refused to support a budget bill to continue funding government operations unless an agreement shielding Dreamers could be struck, forcing the government to shut down as of Friday evening.

By Monday night, however, Republicans and Democrats ended the shutdown, voting for a temporary funding bill to keep the government running until February 8. As the president celebrated what he called a "big win" over Twitter, however, his campaign team warned that it will "never forget" the names of "EVERY single liberal obstructionist responsible for this disgusting shut down."

The Trump team also suggested that Democrats up for-relection later in the year would pay a price for the federal government shutdown, vowing to "work to FIRE them come November."

The Democrats, meanwhile, have faced criticism from their own base, with many agreeing with the Trump campaign and accusing lawmakers of bowing to Republicans' demands and failing to fight for Dreamers.

Erika Andiola, a Dreamer and former Bernie Sanders staffer, tweeted:

For a minute it felt like they were standing for us. Like Democrats were finally listening to our pain and doing something about it. Standing up for us. Man, this hurts so much. It's been 17 years! 17 years of inaction, deportations, waiting, hope, disappointment. I am so tired.

— Erika Andiola (@ErikaAndiola) January 22, 2018