Trump Showed Angela Merkel His Bedroom On White House Tour, Says Ambassador

President Donald Trump gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel a tour of the White House that included a sneak peek at his bedroom, according to the U.S. ambassador to Germany.

Speaking in interviews with German media over the weekend, Richard Grenell batted away suggestions that Trump and Merkel do not enjoy a friendly relationship, explaining they have shared "very personal" experiences.

"Donald Trump personally led the Chancellor through the part of the White House where he actually lives," Grenell said, according to The Telegraph.

"Angela Merkel even saw the president's living room and bedroom. That was very personal. No president has shown that to her before," he added.

In interviews with a number of German newspapers, Grenell explained the president has "incredible respect" for Merkel, despite the leaders differing on some key issues.

His comments come following harsh words from Merkel over Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal, which the German leader said was making the Middle East situation "even more difficult," The Independent reported.

Merkel and Trump also appeared to have an uneasy first face-to-face meeting back in 2017, during which the awkward body language between the pair was widely noted—with Trump appearing not to want to make eye contact with the chancellor nor shake her hand, although the pair did shake hands at one point, Reuters reported.

The apparently frosty atmosphere between Trump and Merkel came in contrast to Trump's far more relaxed meetings with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron, with whom Trump appears to enjoy an ongoing bromance.

And more recently, the German chancellor appeared unimpressed during a joint press conference on April 27 in which the president bragged about saving money on the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.

But according to Grenell the pair do not have a strained relationship and instead said the leaders have "great cheminstry."