Trump Stirs Up 'LSU' Chant at Louisiana Rally Wednesday Night, Gets Alabama 'Boos'

President Donald Trump announced earlier this week he would attend the LSU-Alabama game between the nation's top two college football teams. On Wednesday night, Trump took a stage in Monroe, Louisiana, and it did not take him long to bring up the top-shelf college football game.

The president calculated his move at the Monroe Civic Center to precede not only early voting in the state's gubernatorial race this Saturday, but also the game between Louisiana State University and Alabama.

To set it up, Trump, who was campaigning on behalf of Republican candidate Eddie Rispone, said a local TV anchor in Monroe told the president he had been in Louisiana four times, and Trump responded by saying, "That's because I happen to like it. If I don't like it I can't do it."

Trump said that voting early this Saturday means people can get it out of the way on so they can "watch your football games." Then, Trump reminded the crowd of this weekend's colossal showdown between LSU and Alabama for SEC and national supremacy.

"By the way, this Saturday, I'm gonna be at a certain game," the president said of that exact game he plans to attend in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Before he spoke again, the crowd erupted into an "LSU, LSU, LSU" chant that echoed in Monroe's historical venue.

Trump followed the chant by saying, "This Saturday I'm going to be at a certain game, let's see, it's LSU versus a pretty good team from Alabama."

At the point, a chorus of "boos" rained down in Monroe, drawing a smirk from Trump.

Trump went on to say "I hear you have a great quarterback, we'll see."

"But I'm actually going to the game, that's the game I want to go to," Trump said. "That'll be tremendous. Two great teams."

LSU is No. 1 in the Associated Press poll and Alabama is No. 2. The rankings are reverse in the coaches poll that has Alabama as the top team.

The first College Football Playoff rankings unveiled Tuesday night have Ohio State as the top team, followed by No. 2 LSU and No. 3 Alabama.

The game has been dubbed "Game of the Century Part 2" after LSU and Alabama played a similar 1 versus 2 matchup in 2011, when LSU went on the road to beat Alabama. LSU won that contest, 9-6, on a game of field goals and close plays that went to overtime.

Alabama won the rematch in the national championship game, and LSU has not beaten Alabama since January of 2012.

Trump went on to bring other Louisiana politicians to the stage, including Rep. Ralph Abraham of District 5 who said the "Saints win Super Bowl" and "LSU wins the national championship."

Of course, Abraham punctuated it with a "Make America Great Again" call for Trump.

Trump Rally LSU Louisiana
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a "Keep America Great" rally at the Monroe Civic Center on November 06, 2019 in Monroe, Louisiana. President Trump headlined the rally to support Louisiana Republican gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone, who is looking to unseat incumbent Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards. Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images