Trump, Again, Changes Stormy Daniels Payment Story But Doesn't Explain How It's All Wrong

The precise facts around the $130,000 payment made to an adult film actress who claimed to have a sexual encounter with President Donald Trump have been "said incorrectly," the president told reporters Friday as he appeared to challenge what his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has stated for several days now.

Trump's latest comments about the hush money given to Stephanie Clifford, who performs under the name Stormy Daniels, just prior to the 2016 election again seemed to alter the scandal's narrative and the president's reasons for the payment even being made.

Trump said the facts around the story had been stated "incorrectly" and was critical of how the media covered the explanations given by the president and Giuliani. Trump, however, did not explain exactly what was incorrect but also said the story was "actually very simple" without offering further explanation.

The president later said the Giuliani would eventually tell the story behind the payment accurately.

"He's a great guy," Trump told reporters before boarding Air Force One for his speech at the National Rifle Association's national convention in Dallas, Texas. "He'll get his facts straight."

Trump also told reporters he had not denied having knowledge of the payment to Clifford.

"You take a look at what I said ... You go take a look at what we said," the president said.

WATCH: President Trump denies he once told reporters he didn't know about the Stormy Daniels payment.

"You take a look at what I said ... You go take a look at what we said."

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) May 4, 2018

Both Giuliani and Trump revealed this week that the president had reimbursed attorney Michael Cohen for the money he gave to Clifford in October 2016. Giuliani first made the revelation on Fox News Wednesday night, adding he believed the payment did not violate campaign finance laws.

However, Giuliani has been accused of making the matter worse for the president. In an appearance on Fox News Thursday morning, Giuliani said Trump was trying to protect his "reputation" but also wondered aloud what would have happened if Clifford's story had come out before one of the presidential debates.

Trump followed up Thursday morning to state the money never came from his campaign's coffers and that Cohen had been paid a "monthly retainer." Last month, Trump denied having any knowledge of the payment and referred reporters to Cohen.

Cohen originally stated no one at the Trump Organization or the Trump campaign knew about the payment. Though, according to Giuliani, Cohen had complained to associates that he had been paid back by Trump and that the pair had met and agreed for the president to pay Cohen $35,000 a month over a year's time.