Trump Supporter Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting, Threatening Democratic Volunteer

A supporter of President Donald Trump has been arrested after allegedly threatening and assaulting a volunteer at the Democratic Town Committee (DTC) office in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Michael Silverstein, 61, of Westport, was charged with breach of peace after the incident on Friday afternoon, Fairfield Police Lt. Antonio Granata told Newsweek.

The man had arrived at the front door of the office and "immediately began yelling insults at the volunteer workers inside," Granata said.

After one of the volunteer workers in the office had offered to help him, he became "confrontational."

This "caused the volunteer worker to take out their cell phone in an attempt to record the incident," Granata said. "The male continued yelling profanities and then knocked the phone out of the volunteer's hand."

In a post on Facebook, Fairfield Democrats said the man had turned up at the organization's office on Friday afternoon.

"A DTC volunteer was verbally & physically assaulted at DTC headquarters by a Trump supporter who yelled at her (and others present), shouted pro-Trump sentiments, called her obscenities, then smacked her hand when she attempted to take his photo," they said.

This afternoon, a DTC volunteer was verbally & physically assaulted at DTC headquarters by a Trump supporter who yelled...

Posted by Fairfield Democrats on Friday, September 25, 2020

Fairfield Police responded to the office, but the man had left.

Officers were provided with the license plate of a vehicle that led them to Silverstein.

"The license plate of the vehicle was provided to officers. The vehicle came back registered to an owner in Westport," Granata said. "Silverstein confirmed he was at the DTC and had an altercation with one of the workers there."

Silverstein is due to appear in court in November, Granata said.

Silverstein told local press he had "let my emotions get the best" of him after seeing signs supporting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris.

He conceded that he did "terrorize and curse" at volunteers, but insisted he never made any threats. "The situation escalated quickly. I screamed and yelled, but I never touched [the volunteer worker]," he added.

Silverstein also claimed Trump supporters had been "attacked, harassed and threatened" on a daily basis over the past four years." He could not immediately be reached for additional comment.

In a statement, Fairfield Democrats added: "We are grateful that all our volunteers, though shaken, are safe following this extremely upsetting event.

"This is exactly the kind of malicious behavior that is enabled and recklessly encouraged by our current president on a regular basis. And when our country's leaders do not push back against Trump's incitements, this hateful conduct only gains more momentum."

They added: "We need leaders - here and across the country - who will stand up and state unequivocally: THIS. IS. NOT. ACCEPTABLE. Not here in Fairfield, not in Connecticut, not anywhere."

Fairfield Democrats and Republicans on Sunday issued a joint statement condemning the incident.

"Regardless of our political affiliation or beliefs, bullying, intimidation, verbal threats, and physical attacks are NOT acceptable under any circumstances," the statement said. "It is core to our democratic values & principles, and fundamental for the good of our community, that we enjoy the right to engage civically and to safely participate in political life."

This article has been updated with additional information from Fairfield Police.

A man waves a "Make America Great Again" sign before President Donald Trump arrives for a rally at the Bemidji Regional Airport on September 18, 2020 in Bemidji, Minnesota Stephen Maturen/Getty Images