'Leave the Store': Vape Shop Employee Fired After Refusing to Sell to Trump Supporter in MAGA Hat

trump supporter make america great again fired
A Mitt Romney supporter wears a "Make America Great Again" hat at the Romney election party in Orem, Utah, on June 26. On Friday, an employee at a vape shop in Georgia was fired over an altercation with a Trump supporter. George Frey/Getty Images

A Georgia man found himself without a job after a verbal altercation with a customer who supports President Donald Trump went viral on social media.

Xhale City, a smoke and vape store in Tucker, Georgia, about 20 miles from Atlanta, announced on Facebook that an employee was immediately terminated after getting into an altercation with a customer. The post was addressed to "friends and customers" and was posted on Friday.

The store explained that an employee acted improperly toward a customer, which isn't tolerated by the company. Xhale City wrote on Facebook that once the employee was identified, he was fired immediately, and an apology was issued to the customer.

To our friends and customers,Tonight, we had an employee act improperly toward a customer. Xhale City does not...

Posted by Xhale City on Friday, December 28, 2018

The employee's termination came after a confrontation with a customer was filmed and posted on social media. In a video posted on several social media channels, the customer, identified by WAGA as Ian Ferguson, said that the employee greeted him and then told him to leave the store.

"If you do not stop recording in my store, I'm going to call the police and ask you to leave now," the employee, who has not been identified, said.

Ferguson was wearing a Trump T-shirt and a "Make America Great Again" hat. He asked the employee on numerous occasions during the altercation if he could purchase an item that was on a shelf behind the counter.

"F**k off, dude, f**k off," the employee shouted before hitting Ferguson. "I can't stand y'all racist mother f*****s."

The employee then walked away and made a phone call, telling the person on the other end of the line that he had a customer in his store wearing some "Trump bulls**t." He explained that he wouldn't serve anyone who has to do with that "f****r," referring to Trump.

"He's a treasonous a*****e," the employee said in the video, then repeatedly shouted "leave the store" and "get the f**k out."

The situation escalated, and Ferguson yelled for the employee to sell him the "f*****g product" that he wanted for his wife so he could leave the store. Finally, the employee relented and appeared to be willing to sell him the product.

"God bless America," Ferguson said as the employee stood at the register. "Capitalism wins again."

However, Ferguson's taunting reignited the employee's fury and the screaming match that occurred in the store in front of another customer.

"F**k your capitalism. F**k your f*****g president," the employee screamed. "He's a racist, stupid piece of s**t, you're a racist, stupid piece of s**t."

While announcing the employee's termination, Xhale City said that the company values its clients and treats them with respect and dignity regardless of their political opinions.

In a subsequent video posted on Xhale City's Facebook page on Saturday, Ferguson was back in the store with employees from corporate. He said people "swarmed" the store with criticism over what happened but said employee, not the store, was responsible.

"My wife comes here, I come here, no problems," he said. "You can't boycott this place. It's not their fault, they didn't do it. All these people have bills and family, just like I do."

Opened in 2014, the store is the largest smoke and vape supply shop in the southeast, according to the store's website, and has 17 different locations.