Trump Supporter Installs Razor Wire Fence Around Election Banner

A photo of a sign backing Donald Trump in the 2020 election protected by razor wire has gone viral.

The image shows a large Trump-Pence placard from the front yard of a voter's home in Big Lake, Minnesota, with the slogan: "Keep America Great."

Surrounding the banner is waist-high razor wire. An unidentified man is seen leaning on a wooden fence looking out towards the banner.

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The photo was shared online by Reddit user "TheBootySAWN," who said: "Been driving by it for weeks now, figured he hadn't had enough attention yet and I hope he sees this so he can get the attention that he covets. This guy seemed like he was proud of what he did and wanted people to know about it."

He added: "The wire went up when the sign went up. I don't believe that he's actually protecting his property, this is a statement. An incredibly ignorant one.

Another user commented: "My guess is, it's been vandalized a few times."

Others questioned the logic behind the protective barrier. "That razor wire on the ground isn't going to stop any vandalism, and everybody knows it. It's a dog whistle," wrote one.

"More likely, it's just another insecure Trumpkin trying to look 'tough,'" said another.

Responding to one post that suggested there had been a spate of "liberals" vandalising signs, TheBootySAWN replied: "It goes on on both sides. Both sides have a bat s*** crazy contingency, stop fooling yourself into thinking it's only 1 sided buddy. I personally know way more bat s*** crazy conservatives."

Last week police in Maine launched an appeal to trace a female suspect they said had been targeting homes with Trump signs by posting feces through mailboxes.

Police were alerted after residents in Hampden reported finding contaminated mail. Officers said at least three mailboxes were found to have feces in them.

Alyshia Canwell, a patrol officer with Hampden Public Safety, said: "She has been picking up dog feces and putting it in mailboxes, specifically of people who have Trump signs outside. She also has been defacing Trump signs, writing comments on the signs."

It comes as both Democrats and Republicans have voiced concerns about voter intimidation in the lead-up to the November election.

Trump has said he would like to see law enforcement dispatched to polling stations to guard against voter fraud.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is said to be assembling hundreds of lawyers to monitor potential issues on polling day.

He said he had already organized 600 lawyers to "try to figure out why the chicanery is likely to take place," as well as 10,000 other volunteers.