'Trump,' Swastika Painted On Couple's Garage Door, Prompting FBI Probe

The FBI is investigating after a couple had the word "Trump" and a swastika spray painted on the garage door of their California home.

Officers responded to the report of vandalism at Katie and Robbie Peacock's home near Lafayette Circle in Lafayette on Tuesday, ABC7 reported.

The couple have a Joe Biden flag flying outside their residence as well as a sign expressing their opposition to President Donald Trump, according to the station.

The Lafayette Police Department is investigating the vandalism as a "possible hate crime" and has alerted the FBI, Lafayette mayor Mike Anderson said.

Some vandals spray-painted a friend's house in the Bay Area because they had a Biden flag in their yard. This is the kind of behavior flourishing under Trump. The one thing the vandals got right...

Similar graffiti was painted on an overpass in nearby Orinda in recent days. According to ABC7, it said "swastika equals Trump equals ACB equals swastika."

That graffiti as well as what was painted on the Peacock's garage door have since been painted over.

But the Peacocks said that it served to highlight how important it is for people to vote in the November 3 election.

"Let this message of hate and violence underscore the importance of how we all show up in this moment," they said in a statement to ABC7.

Voters have only days, they said, to "choose love over hate, unity over division, and bravery over fear."

"Together, we can do this—and we will," they added.

Katie Peacock also posted about the incident on Facebook, writing that she hoped the "horrendous" event would unite people against hate, oppression and racism, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Of the perpetrators, she added: "Regardless of the zip code they reside in, they are obviously not of my community. Community is so much more [than] that. Community is in your head and heart." She could not immediately be reached for additional comment.

Lindy Rice, who said she was a friend of the couple, said on Facebook that she believes their home was targeted because of the Biden flag on display.

"This is the kind of behavior flourishing under Trump. The one thing the vandals got right was linking Trump's name to the swastika," she wrote. Rice has been contacted for additional comment.

In his statement, Anderson said those responsible for the vandalism would be "vigorously prosecuted."

"There is no place for hate in Lafayette," Anderson said. "This is an inclusive and diverse city where everyone is welcome. The spray-painting of a swastika, a symbol of oppression, genocide, and xenophobia, on an individual's home will not be tolerated.

"Lafayette stands together in the face of any act involving prejudice or racism; this act will not be overlooked and will be vigorously prosecuted."

Seth Brysk, the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League also condemned the graffiti, telling KTVU: "The issue here is that you have the normalization of an extremist symbol, one which has proven to be deadly."

Anderson, the Lafayette Police Department and the FBI have been contacted for additional comment.

Anyone with information about thee incident is urged to contact detectives at 925-383-3680.

Anti-President Donald Trump protesters carry anti-Nazi signs outside of Trump Tower August 14, 2017 in New York City. Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images