Trump Shared a Video of an Out-of-control Beverage Cart and Twitter Equated It With His Presidency

President Donald Trump was mocked on Tuesday morning after sharing an innocent video of an out-of-control beverage cart at Chicago's O'Hare Airport—with Twitter users jumping in to suggest the cart was a visual representation of Trump's presidency.

The president posted the widely-watched video, via Fox 32 News, on his Twitter feed. He wrote "Great job, just in time" and praised the worker who drove a loading vehicle into the spinning beverage cart and brought it to a halt before it could smash into the nose of a parked airplane.

But his light-hearted post provoked a speedy backlash, with social media users equating the spinning cart with the current Ukraine whistleblower allegations that prompted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to announce an impeachment inquiry last week.

"Your subconscious tweeted out the perfect impeachment metaphor. Note the people standing around doing nothing except narrowly avoiding getting hurt (Congressional Republicans). The guy who stops the cart is impeachment personafied," user @blaustein wrote.

Twitter user Zara Rahim posted a video of the beverage cart that was edited to show the cart as "The Trump administration" and the worker almost knocked over by it as "The Whistleblower."

And while numerous other Twitter users were quick to reply to Trump asking whether he had intended to use the beverage cart as a metaphor, others pointed out that the president may have had more important things on his mind.

Indeed, the tweet about the out-of-control cart was one of the few messages penned by Trump on Tuesday that did not allude to the impeachment inquiry.

Pelosi announced the inquiry following whistleblower allegations that Trump asked Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate his potential political rival Joe Biden, and Biden's son Hunter. Aid to the Ukraine was also held up by the president around the time of the phone call between the pair.

For his part, Trump has branded the investigation a witch hunt and insists that he did nothing wrong in speaking with Zelensky. The White House released a summary transcript of the call last week.

"The Fake Whistleblower complaint is not holding up. It is mostly about the call to the Ukrainian President which, in the name of transparency, I immediately released to Congress & the public. The Whistleblower knew almost nothing, its 2ND HAND description of the call is a fraud!," Trump tweeted on Monday, after saying he wanted to know who the whistleblower was.