'I Voted for a Guy Named Trump' President Says in Florida Where Polling is Divided

President Donald Trump has cast his ballot in the 2020 presidential election. The president voted at an early voting location in West Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday.

First Lady Melania Trump did not accompany her husband to Palm Beach County's main library on Summit Boulevard, where the president became one of more than 50 million Americans to vote early.

"I voted for a guy named Trump," the president joked. "Thank you very much everybody."

Trump was greeted at the polling place by Supervisor of Elections Wendy Link, according to the Palm Beach Post.

He was wearing a mask as he approached a gaggle of reporters and took it off to make some brief comments.

"It's an honor to be voting, it's an honor to be in this great area that I know so well," he said.

Trump noted that he'll be busy Saturday as he's holding campaign rallies in three swing states.

"There's tremendous spirit. I hear we are doing very well in Florida, and we're doing very well, I hear, every place else," Trump said.

“I voted for a guy named Trump,” President Trump jokes after casting his ballot during early voting in Florida. “Thank you very much everybody.” The pool says he was wearing a mask as he approached reporters and removed it to make brief remarks.

— Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) October 24, 2020

Florida is widely considered crucial to Trump's re-election chances as he trails former Vice President Joe Biden in national polls. The Democrat leads Trump by 3.1 percent in the Sunshine State, according to poll tracker FiveThirtyEight.

A record number of Americans have decided vote early, as the president did Saturday. This has led to speculation that the 2020 election could see the highest turnout since 1908, with 150 million ballots cast.

Trump's vote is the first time an incumbent president has voted in person in Florida. He was previously resident in New York and cast his ballot in a Manhattan public school in 2016 before formally moving his legal residence to Florida in 2019, along with the First Lady.

The president also voted in the presidential primary on 17 March and the general primary on August 18, but both these ballots were absentee. Trump has criticized the practice of mail-in ballots, however, claiming they could be used to rig the election against him.

After voting, Trump went to Palm Beach International Airport and left the state on Air Force One, heading for an election rally in North Carolina.

Trump Speaks at a Rally in Florida
President Donald Trump speaks during a rally on October 23, in Pensacola, Florida. With less than two weeks before the general election, President Trump looks to close the gap between him and Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump voted in the state on Saturday. Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images