Trump vs. Trojan Horse Biden: A Choice Between America and America Canceled | Opinion

The coming election is not about personalities. Nor is it about policies, or even about the coronavirus or the riots, though these are important and will undoubtedly play a role.

What the election is about is America's character: specifically, whether America is a good country or whether it should be canceled. Republicans should frame the election just this way: They need to remind the American people that on November 3, voters will choose between Trump, who thinks America is good, and Biden, who is controlled by a party that thinks America is racist. President Trump gives us a chance to preserve the American way of life; Biden will likely be an accomplice to its destruction.

The stakes are that high. Unfortunately, most Republicans don't get it. They do not seem to understand that the Democratic Party, which has been taken over by its radical wing, is leading a revolution. This makes the coming election the most important one since 1860. Like that election, this one is a contest between two competing ways of life that cannot peacefully coexist with one another.

One way of life, the American way, is built on individual rights. The government's role is to ensure to each individual the free exercise of those rights. The other way of life—we might call it the Black Lives Matter (BLM) way of life—is built on group rights. The government's role in the BLM way of life is to ensure that all government-designated "oppressed" groups have the same income and power as government-designated "privileged" groups. The two ways of life cannot possibly coexist peacefully because in the American way of life, there will always be differences. This is the natural result of freedom. The BLM way of life requires crushing those natural differences, which can only be achieved by totalitarian means.

The riots dispelled any doubts that the Democratic Party now embraces the BLM way of life. The riots were encouraged by mainstream Democratic officials, supported by the Democratic media and given billions by major corporations. Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have been radicalized.

We know some of what the BLM wing wants because it has told us. It wants to blame today's citizens for past sins through reparations and endless affirmative action. It wants the "disrupt[ion]" (i.e., elimination) of mother-father families, open borders, hassle-free abortions and gun confiscation. The BLM wing has withheld some of its agenda because, at present, it is too radical for most Americans—such as weaponizing transgenderism to eliminate the concept of biological sex, destroying religious practice and crippling community life by forcing you to accept violence in the streets and in your neighborhood.

President Trump at Mount Rushmore on July
President Trump at Mount Rushmore on July 3, 2020 SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

We need to be clear that this agenda, once confined to radicals in academia and media, is now the agenda of the Democratic Party.

The BLM-Democrats understand, which Republicans seem not to, that to achieve this policy agenda requires getting Americans to change their values, their principles and their self-perception. They must get us to believe that national borders and meritocracy are racist, and the thing around which all else pivots is slavery. More broadly, they must get us to believe that we are unworthy—not just that we have sinned (which we have), but that we are irredeemably sinful: racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic and all the other "-ists" and phobias.

Simply put, the BLM-Democrats must get us to believe that we are bad. If we accept that, then we shall accept the BLM-Democratic agenda. Thus, we on the Right must speak up and proclaim America's goodness. Republicans must state the truth that America is not racist—and point to how BLM is racist, does not care about black lives and fights against the American way of life. In this politically correct environment, such things are risky for a politician to say. But being a leader requires taking risk.

Trump is the only leader on the national stage who is not afraid to stand up to this dangerous political correctness. He expresses often, and proudly, his unqualified commitment to America. President Trump knows that America is good. And that's the way he wants to keep it.

Likely, I would not have voted for Trump at any other time. In these revolutionary times, I cannot imagine a better man. He has unusual courage, common sense and, above all else and above anyone else, a commitment to this great country. At this moment, when we are being told morning to night that we are a racist country, we must support Trump on November 3 to keep our country what it is—good and just.

Thomas D. Klingenstein is a businessman, playwright and philanthropist. He is a partner in the investment firm Cohen, Klingenstein LLC and chairman of the Claremont Institute.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own.