Trump's Ego Is so Fragile, His 'Fluffer' Secret Service Agents Have to Tell People to Say Nice Things to Him, Deutsch Says

President Donald Trump arrives at the Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York, on 13 August 2018. His ego was the topic of discussion on a Morning Joe show. Reuters

President Donald Trump has such a fragile ego, his secret service agents are forced to act like "fluffers" and tell people to say nice things to him before he enters a room, Donny Deutsch has claimed.

Speaking in an interview with Morning Joe on Wednesday, the TV personality and pundit, who has moved in similar circles to President Trump, said he has been told that Trump needs to hear positive things when he enters a room.

"Donald is all about being loved… and he's got his 40 percent now he's going to turn and be Ronald Reagan and he's going to have everybody because that's what he wants… and he's done the opposite," Deutsch said in a discussion of whether the president had acted like a dealmaker since taking office, suggesting that he had been surprised by Trump's behavior.

"An interesting anecdote that somebody told me when they were at his country club in Bedminster that Trump was about to walk into the room and some of the Secret Service guys came up to the people he was going to see and said, 'hey when you see the president, say positive things, you know, pump him up," Deutsch continued.

"They were basically fluffers in the room, in effect. I just said that word. Didn't I? Metaphorically, of course," he added, in a reference to the role of "fluffer" on adult film sets, which involves ensuring male stars maintain an erection prior to filming.

"Donald Trump is at the point he's so fragile and cannot ever, ever be in any interaction, in any exchange in any room that's just not pure lionization, canonization, and it defies any left-brain logic," he added.

The president has previously shown a preference for avoiding negative stories about himself, with Politico reporting last year that Trump aides try to shield him from bad press by showing him only the polls in which he is doing well—such as those that focus on his core base or poll Trump-friendly Republicans.

There have also been multiple reports documenting how at ease the president appears to be among those with whom he enjoys unwavering support—particularly at rallies and among supporters, where he appears to be in his element.