Trump's People Are 'Squealing' on Him and He Wants to Know Who: Conway

Conservative lawyer George Conway said one of the main reasons former President Donald Trump's team wants the underlying affidavit of the FBI search warrant of his Mar-a-Lago home is because they want to know who in his inner circle is providing information.

"They would like to see it because they want to know who's squealing and it's mostly his people," Conway told CNN's New Day on Friday.

Those in Trump's orbit are preparing for a redacted version of the affidavit to be unsealed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Friday, hoping that the document will provide a glimpse into who is acting as a witness in the federal probe and will possibly reveal the identity of the informant whom officials said provided the information on which the search warrant was largely executed.

Federal prosecutors have argued that the affidavit should not be unsealed in its entirety, as Trump has pushed for, because it would jeopardize their investigation and deter witnesses from corroborating.

Trump Affidavit Informant Conway
Former President Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a rally on April 2, 2022, near Washington, Michigan. George Conway said Trump's team doesn't want the affidavit for the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid to be unsealed in its entirety because "it would contain a damning narrative." Scott Olson/Getty Images

"This is not a precedent we want to set," Jay Bratt, the DOJ's top counterintelligence official, said last week. "The government is very concerned about the safety of witnesses in this case."

Discussing the approach from Trump's legal team, Conway said the former president's attorneys were trying to play both sides about the anticipated redactions.

He said that Trump's lawyers were drawing attention to the fact that parts of the document would be blacked out as part of a strategy to undermine federal authorities and suggest that there was some type of "nefarious" activity being hidden.

At the same time, Conway said Trump's team didn't really want the affidavit to be unsealed in its entirety because "it would contain a damning narrative."

"What they're doing is they're trying to have it both ways," he said. "They're trying to say, 'Oh, whoa, it's terrible that we don't have the basis with this affidavit,' and at the same time, they really don't want us to see it."

Conway, the husband of Kellyanne Conway, a former senior counselor to Trump, said that even though Trump's people would likely spin whatever is revealed in the affidavit in a way that puts Trump in a good light, his legal team would ultimately take a hit.

"All this affidavit can do is to add more heft and more substance to what we already know about Trump having stolen these documents, which is pretty damning," Conway said.

"It's been almost three weeks now, since the search warrant was executed, and they haven't articulated a single reason why [Trump] should have been allowed to take these documents, why he had them and what legal justification he possibly could have had to have them."