Trump's Team Steps Up Emails Begging Supporters For A Dollar To Fight Fake News And Keep Making America Great Again

President Donald Trump's team has stepped up emails asking supporters to donate $1 in order to "keep making America great again."

In a series of emails, the president's team is in an 'all-out fundraising blitz,' encouraging its support base to donate ahead of the end-July deadline for its fundraising goal.

"Every month we outraise the Democrats puts us ahead of the curve and ensures we have the resources to cut through the noise of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA and fight back against the left-wing elites trying to bring down our agenda," one of the emails, sent on July 31, read.

Another informed Trump supporters: "This month (just like every month since the election) Democrats are doing everything in their power to obstruct our AMERICA FIRST agenda."

"But here on Team Trump, since 2017 began, we've been PROVING that the American people are behind our President. Our fundraising numbers are unbeatable, Friend, and we want to keep winning with your help," it added.

The president's team claims it contiunes to break fundraising number goals every month since inauguration, and aims to maintain those financial contributions following the president's first six months in office.

Several emails sent out to supporters highlighted the president's ongoing battle with the media, as well as his failure to repeal Obamacare; laying the blame firmly at the feet of Democrats despite GOP senators failing to give Trump the numbers he needed to see the Senate healthcare bill pass.

"We know the American people are behind President Trump," the email read. "However, obstructionist liberals in the Senate are going AGAINST the voices of their own people in order to bring down the President and protect the FAILING ObamaCare."

The campiagn email failed to mention the late rebellion of Republican senators Mike Lee and Jerry Moran, who vowed not to support the bill, nor the defections of Rand Paul and Susan Collins, although the president made it clear in a series of tweets after the bill collapsed that much of his ire is reserved for the members of his own party he believes have not shown him adequate support since his inauguration.

"We were let down by all of the Democrats and a few Republicans. Most Republicans were loyal, terrific & worked really hard. We will return!" Trump wrote shortly after the collapse of the bill.